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    Some twins I knew in the old order Mennonite community I grew up in:
    Matthew and Miriam
    Rosanne and Rosalyn
    Jolene and Joyce

    They believe in matching twin names!!

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    James & Kathryn (my brother and me - we're in our late 20s)
    William (Willy) & Elizabeth (Liz) (went to elementary school with them)
    Ashleigh & Amelia (Amie) (they were in my girl scout troop)
    Megan & Melissa (went to high school with them)
    Mary & Joan (former students of mine - in middle school now)
    Presley & Dakota (both boys) (former students of mine - in 3rd grade)
    Kirk & Scott (went to school with my husband)
    ...that's all I can think of at the moment.

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    my cousins are Tarah and Tyler. and my grandmother was a twin. her name was Thelma and her sister was Velma.

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    I know several sets of twins in the area I live. I think it may be something in the water here

    G/G: June Penelope and Iris Wilhelmina (7 months)
    B/G: Luca and Nova (I'd guess they are about 4)
    G/G: Matilda Cheyenne and Vivian Eileen (17 years old)
    B/G: Otis and Heidi (They are probably 8 or 9)
    B/G: James and Christine (They are 13)
    Step-Mother to three lovely children - Josiah Lewis (14), Stella Evangeline (8), and Emma Catherine (4)

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    It's a boy!
    Rhys Andrew, Milo Andrew, Conrad Henry, or August Henry/August Charles

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