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    Mar 2010
    Antioch, TN
    Ashley Vaughn & Alexis Vaughn (my sister and I)
    Robert Melvin & Richard Melvin (uncles)
    Ryan Eric & Rachael Elizabeth (cousins)

    Dawn Elaine & Jill Nicole
    Alma & Zulma
    Amy & Jamie
    Kathy & Eileen
    Tia & Ashley
    Serenity (f) & Cinque (m) (Tia's twins, and her son's name is pronounced "Sin Q". Not a fan.)
    Lynn (m) & Ashley (f)

    Miah & Leah
    Rachel & Victoria
    Judy & Joyce
    Aimee, Ashley, and Amanda (identical triplets)

    And my sister met identical toddlers yesterday called Alexandria and Elizabeth.


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    Caroline and Isabel x2 (one set is about one year, the other about 4)
    Alexandra and Madeline (Alex and Maddy--about 4)
    Rachel and Elizabeth (about 10)
    Lily and Frances (6)
    Eva and Lillian (1)

    Griffin and Fletcher (about 4)
    Teddy and Larry (must be in their forties by now--don't know if these are their given names or nn)

    Emily and Nicolas (about 10)

    I'd say these are well-matched, but not matchy!

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    Leah & Sarah (35)
    Brandon & Christopher (14)
    Lauren & Emma (25)
    Bryan & Shawn (6)
    Taylor & Tyler (4) I find this one to be quite cruel. Not only are these names way too close, but this set of twins is identical girls. Very confusing.

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    I'm just listing babies

    Isabella and Sophia
    Isabella and George
    I type on an iPhone and take no responsibility for typos, auto-correction, or strange grammar in my posts.

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    I just posted a bunch on a different thread but my twins are Alexandra and Elena.
    Proud mother to Jackson Scott, Samuel Jameson Brave, Lucas Liam Matthew and Elena Rue and Alexandra Marielle.

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