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    Dec 2009
    Inland Northwest
    Donald & Douglas (My dad and his twin who went to school with another pair of twins with the same name)
    Justin & Joel (26)
    Hana & Foo (26)
    Hank & Bryce (23)
    Jedidiah & Zebulon (22)
    Jaylee & Shyanne (6)
    Mommy to Elijah Michael & Felicity Elizabeth Louise

    My Girls: Thea, Tessa, Opal, Freya, Evangeline, Cordelia, Stella, Luna
    DH Girls: Laura, Elora, Coco, Phoebe, Piper, Paige, Tillie, Avalon

    My Boys: Phineas, Milo, Caspian, Caius, Bodhi, Rhys
    DH Boys: Sebastian, Gabriel, Alden, Jesse, Asher, Gideon, Spencer, Isaiah

    GP: Tempest, Indigo, Magnolia, Calico, Spirit, Persephone, Ransom

    Current Favorites: Rhys Gabriel Alden & Caia Sylvie Antoinette

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    May 2011
    Sarah and Stephanie (parents insisted they didn't go for matchy-matchy - but that each got to pick their favorite name)
    Brooke and Brandy
    Emerson and Stella
    Grant and Stella
    Ella and Lilly
    Hunter and Hayden

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    Aug 2011
    Rotorua, New Zealand
    Hayley and Rachael (19)
    Talia and Aaliyah (4 months)
    Anita and Matthew (20)
    Avril and Sue (adults)

    Also I know a set of quads, Hannah, Rachel, Victoria and Andrew (13) and yes, there is only one boy

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    Mar 2011
    Peter and Taylor (boy and girl)
    Sarah and Megan
    Tucker and Benjamin
    Lacie and Taylor (two girls)
    Glorie and Gloria (Do not recommend!)
    Shannon and Carlie
    Isabella and Gemma
    Emmy and Lizzy

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    Jul 2011
    Forgot one--Patrick & Phillip.

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