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    Sep 2011

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    Tawnya and Tamara (in Canada so it's Tuh-MAIR-uh)
    Ruby and Ila

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    Staffs, UK
    heard an Oscar and Austin twin brothers the other day. They were both pronounced as "Os".
    Mama to Maddie the dog
    and Oakley the guinea pig
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    ebonyeden Guest
    I actually don't know too many twins anymore!

    Scout & Banjo
    Summa & ----? (mental blank!)

    I'm friends with triplets named Casey Amber, Megan Amy and Emma Mei.

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    My husband's cousin's twins are Finley and Brennan (both boys)
    My cousin's twins are Finley and Avery (both girls)
    They are the only set of twins in both of our very large extended families so it's a bit of an odd coincidence.

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