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    Mar 2012
    West Sussex, England
    "Older" twins:

    Joseph and Jonathan (my dad and his ID twin brother, 49)
    John and Peter (my older ID twin brothers, 29)
    Jack and Joel (my husband and his fraternal twin brother, 28)
    Ashlie and Kelsie (my ID twin cousins, 25)
    Alexander and Christopher (my fraternal twin cousins, 30)
    Marianne and Elizabeth (friends of mine, ID twins, 27)
    Sarah and Eric (friends of mine, 28)

    Younger twins:

    Riley (g) and Ashton (b) (my cousin's children, 1)
    William and James (fraternal twins, sons of our friends, 4 months)
    Beatrice and Clementine (ID twins who live locally, 4)
    Elsie and Bertie (at pre-nursery with my son, 2)
    Poppy and Lola (fraternal twins who live locally, 2 weeks)
    Mommy to Noah and Rose

    Current favorites (boy): Josiah, Isaac, Joel, Jude, Abel

    Current favorites (girl): Sarah, Jean, Olive, Annie, Eliza

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    New York State
    I have known twins named:
    Megan and Michael
    Samantha and Sabrina
    Dawn and Debbie (1970s)

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    My current name list...

    Hugh - Miles - Tate - Ned - Luca - Max - Henry - Leo

    Mary - Nell - Ivy - Mae - Mila - Pearl - Iris - Nora - Hazel - Marnie - Ada - Summer - Wren - Harriet - Clara

    Here is my link to vote on....

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddcreature View Post
    My uncles (late 40s) are David and John. Funny story actually, my grandparents didn't know it was twins, it was in the delivery room they were told another one was coming out. So they had to think of a name in a hurry so John was named after their grandfather.

    I know one set named Rylan and Keeley (girls), and another named Alexander and Marla (boy/girl).
    Same deal for my husband's grandparent's. His mom was the surprise twin. Am I glad we have ultrasounds nowadays! I'd rather know ahead of time that there's two babies coming than find out in the delivery room.

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    Amber • 20 • UK • proudly autistic • #boycottautismspeaks
    Imelda Lore ❀ Runa Margareta Opal ❀ Branwen Aveline Nyx
    thinking of: Mabli, Isemay, Desdemona, Artemis, Roxana, Eve

    Sylvan Crescent ❀ Emil Forest ❀ Ludovic Frey ❀ Caius Valentine ❀ Fabian Dusk
    will never be expecting, will always be collecting
    lists under construction

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