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    My uncles (late 40s) are David and John. Funny story actually, my grandparents didn't know it was twins, it was in the delivery room they were told another one was coming out. So they had to think of a name in a hurry so John was named after their grandfather.

    I know one set named Rylan and Keeley (girls), and another named Alexander and Marla (boy/girl).
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    Matthew and Michael (24)
    Kelsey and Alanna (23)
    Alexis and Madelyn (23)
    Kyle and Lauren (12)
    Andrew and Joseph (11)
    Jeremy and Joshua (18)
    Jennifer and Stephanie (32)
    Maya and Rachel (6)
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    Sharon and Karen (50s)
    Teri and Keri (30s)
    Tracey and Stacey (around 40)
    Jeff and Jennifer (around 40)
    Sean and Eileen (40s)
    Missy and Mindy (probably 20s...)
    Kiana and Kiara (under 13)
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    My co-worker just had identical twin girls named Amy and Elise.
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