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    I'm not sure if I posted in this thread before or not but:

    Annie and Henry, my great aunt and uncle.

    Isaiah and Elijah, 4 year old twins at my daycare.
    Addisa and Shasi, 9 year old twins at my daycare.
    Aaliyah and Anisa, 2 day old twins of my mother's friend.
    Meghan and Ashley, twins on youtube.
    Sally and Lily, twins from my middle school years.
    Aaron and Aliya, twins from middle school and high-school.

    I know a family of 4 surviving quintuplets, they're Lebanese so they have Arabic names: May (meaning water), Merium, Rim, and Issa (the only boy). The 5th was named Yusef, but he died at a few weeks. They're now 5 years old.

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    21-year-old boy who just happens to like baby names.

    Girls: Amberley, Astrid, Athena, Cypress, Darcy, Kassia,
    Kimberley, Laurel, Lindsay, Lisandra, Lissette, Maryelle, Misty,
    Rosemarie, Saba, Sabine, Sky, Thalia

    Boys: Alexander, Bjorn, Blair, Erik, Fable, Isaac, Kasey, Layne,
    Mark, Maverick, Montana, Riley, River, Sage, Satchel,
    Shane, Shea, Shepherd, Slade, Thatcher, Zander, Zane

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    Quote Originally Posted by youssarian View Post

    Woah, those are farr too matchy. o.O
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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    Kelsey & Dalton (age 25)
    Carl & Mark (age 20)
    Caroline & Juliana (age 10) (identical and they were named after there mom Julia and her twin sister Carol)
    Ava & Vivian (age 8)
    Michael & Matthew (age 8) (identical)
    Anya & Dalya (age 4)
    Carly & Chloe (age 1)
    Louis & Lois (not sure on age but that is ridiculous)

    Thats all I can think of for now

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    Katelyn and Nicole (23, identical)
    Kimberly and Ashley (22, identical)
    Kristan and Tristan (girl/boy, 21, absolutely not)
    Hayley and Chloe (19)
    Ruth and Elizabeth (nn Ruthie and Eliza, 7)
    Hayden and Brayden (5ish, identical girls)
    Henry and Riley (2, boys)
    Luke and Levi (18 months)
    Hudson and Caleb (a couple months)
    Harper and Knox (girl/boy, just born)
    Jackson and Luke (due in April)

    I also know triplets named Amy, Mindy and Brianna, and quads named Anna, Emily, Mary Claire and Grace (yes, the laughing babies from America's Funniest Home Videos.. they go to my church)

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