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    Jefferson and Kaiesha (18, identical girls)- these names dont match and it bugs me
    Rozi and Kata (18, Hungarian non identical girls)
    Reese and Ryan (2)
    Sonia and Yvonne (21)
    Luke and Duke- omg!!!! not a fan of the rhyming! (19)
    David and Julia (21)

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    - Felicia and Serena. little girls (identical twins dressed exactly alike) who were running around and squealing- I heard their mother calling them. Lovely names...
    - Jane Alexandria and Grace Aurelia (Jane and Grace). Both are 8 years old- a distant cousin of mine who I’ve just met is the father of these girls. LOVE!

    I usually remember twins with spectacular names because I meet far more “John and Jane” twins than “Benjamin and Nicholas” twins. I know two pairs of Michael-Michelle twins, a Patrick-Patricia twin set and so on...
    Beatrix, Cordelia, Winifred, Giselle, Ingrid, Maeve, Johanna, Fiorella, Bryony, Evangeline, Hyacinth, Verity * Leopold, Felix, Tristan, Theodore, Evander, Milo, Balthazar, Frederick, Ignatius, Henry, Gabriel

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    Not twins I know, but I saw Clio and Nora in the Good Luck Charlie credits. Lovely set imo.
    g e n e v i e v e

    Violet Ruby Grace ♀ Alice Pomeline Wren ♀ India Lotus Penelope
    May Tallulah Verity ♀ Lucia Ottilie June♀ Rosa Elowen Chloë

    Ivo Valentine Fox ♂ Shiloh Atlas Grey ♂ Leo Elijah Bram
    Maben Isaac Poe ♂ Emrys Casper Gabriel ♂ Kit Auberon Xavier

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    Wishing for Greece, stuck in the US
    Chloe and Paige - 5 year old little girls.
    Corbin and Lauren - 3 year old boy/girl twins
    Jamie and James - 23 year old boy/girl twins
    Timothy and Thomas - 17 year old boys.
    Glenda and Linda - These are actually my aunts names. Not a fan of this obvious rhyming.

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    Emma and Bailey, Caitlin and Carrington, Camille and Corinne, Whitney and Brittany, R.L. and Ozell (Relatives born in the early to mid 20th century, Jimmy and Jewel, Michaela and Mariah, Emma and Ella .

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