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    Apr 2011
    Remembered some more boy twins:

    Riviera and Rivelino
    Linica and Leneca (not entirely sure about spellings)
    Farren and Dante
    g e n e v i e v e

    Violet Ruby Grace ♀ Alice Pomeline Wren ♀ India Lotus Penelope
    May Tallulah Verity ♀ Lucia Ottilie June♀ Rosa Elowen Chloë

    Ivo Valentine Fox ♂ Shiloh Atlas Grey ♂ Leo Elijah Bram
    Maben Isaac Poe ♂ Emrys Casper Gabriel ♂ Kit Auberon Xavier

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    Brooke and Amber (gg)
    Brooke and Brittney (gg)
    Brooke and Brady (gb)
    Paige and Kayla (gg)
    Megan and Paige (gg)
    Megan and Justin (gb)
    Meaghan and Melissa (gg)
    Maeghann and Matthew (gb)
    Nicholas and Michaela (bg)
    Nicholas and Gregory (bb)
    Caroline and Lauren (gg)
    Drew and Taylor (gg)
    Samantha and Christine (gg)
    Emelia and Emanuel (gb)
    Zack and Kyle (bb)
    Mia, Lydia, Cora
    Corbin, Rocco, Quinn

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    Katherine "Katie" & Michelle (fraternal twins, age 12)

    Timothy & Ryan (5, fraternal)

    Luke & Dominic (16, fraternal)

    Trygg & Greta (9)

    Isabella & Sofia (about 9, identical)

    Randy & Heather (college age)

    Madeline & Margaret (about 13, identical)
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    Erica Louise and Lindsey Elizabeth (Erica was going to be Sonia)
    Martin William and Luke Olaf
    Kallie and Matthew
    Anna and Ellis (both girls)
    Robert and Rachel
    Jennifer and Matthew
    Isabel and Grace

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    Pullman, WA
    Matthew and Michael
    David and Daniel
    Joshua and Jeremy
    Lauren and Kyle
    Shaylee and Baylee (students in my Mom's preschool class)
    Annabelle and Andrew
    Alanna and Kelsey
    Alexis and Madelyn
    Maya and Rachel
    Ethan and Nathan

    But the worst was when I was working at a family-entertainment type place as a birthday party server and did a party for twin boys named Kwinton and Kwincy. Just thinking about those names still makes me cringe, six years later.

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