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    Don't settle on a name, choose one you love. I agree it would be best not to go unisex or masculine given how feminine your other daughter's name is. However, you can definitely choose something modern, spunky even, that is still clearly a girl's name.

    The whole idea of matching sibsets is not something I find important so much IRL, compared to the attn it gets on message boards.

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    I had honestly never heard of the whole sibset name thing until I started lurking around name forums/sites. So I think you will b okay. As previous posters mentioned, I don't think that choosing a more modern name would be bad at all. However I wouldn't go for a unisex name for a girl, as annabelle is such a beautiful girlie name and a second daughter might feel left out. So anything modern, but decidedly feminine would be fine IMO

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    I really like what everyone has said! The only thing that I would mention is that while you shouldn't be tied to a particular style because of Annabelle, it's a very feminine name, so if you choose something like Emerson, there will be a lot of people who assume that Emerson is the boy. But realistically thinking about how often that would be to happen is a better question. It might happen when the child is a baby because people can't always tell. When she is older and in school and things, so she'll only have to deal with the usual pains of having a unisex name as a girl. But when are any of these times a function of what the other daughter is named? Not very many it seems.
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    I wouldn't worry about it matching your sib set! As long as the names don't rhyme I think you're fine. They can definitely be different styles. I just wouldn't use a very unisex name with annabelle because your other DD will often be mistaken for a boy when just seeing the two names on paper, kwim? But you can definitely go for a more modern type name if that's what you like.
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    Thanks for your replies. My husband rolls his eyes when I mention sib sets! He doesn't see why they have to go together. I too wonder in real life if people really notice sib sets that much. I know I am just a name freak and notice things like that, but do Normal people?

    I have tried nymbler and picked up a few names from it. I guess as long as I try to stay with a feminine sounding name I'll be okay. I
    had been liking Zoe/Zoey for a few days (but I change my mind every few days too) and then DH's favorite right now is Quinn. I told him it is considered unisex, but now you see more girls than boys wearing the name. He doesn't like it as much for a boy and is leaning
    towards Lucas, Cooper or Wyatt. He doesn't like the old fashioned sounding names like Simon or Oliver and has a comment about every one I throw at him. But for girls the list is not narrowing down as easy because I over think them all and want DD's sister to be happy with her name. Annabelle was also an old family name on both sides of our family so it worked out great, but now there are not really
    any other family names that we like as first names, more like middle name possibilities.

    So if your sister's name was Annabelle you feel like you would want a name just as feminine as hers? I don't want anything over the
    top like Penelope or Genevieve or Juliet, but I don't want something as common as Lily or Emily (although I do adore them, we already have 2 or 3 in the family). What do you suggest? This is so hard. I just don't know what feels right. How do some women know their
    baby names as soon as they find out they are pregnant? Oh, how I wish I was like that!!

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