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    Would you break the mold or just settle for name you like?

    I am due in December and having the hardest time coming up with names that I love that go along with my DD's name, Annabelle. We don't know if we are having a girl or boy so we have to come up with one name for each. Everyone suggests old fashioned sweet
    names to go along with DD, but I'm not loving any right now. Can I pair a more modern or unisex name with DD and the sib set still be okay? I feel like I am being forced to stay in the traditional old fashioned camp when I might want to venture over and see what the
    other side has to offer, and who knows? I just might find a name I love. I just don't want to have a wacky sibset though. So what are your thoughts? Would you break from the style mold of your 1st child's name or just try to find a name that you liked that made a
    better sounding sib set and settle for it? Any suggestions? Thanks for your help. I am getting so frustrated by this process and just
    want to get it out of the way and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy!

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    i wouldnt say it has to be old fashioned.
    i would absolutely not choose a gender neutral name. to be fair to your 2nd daughter i would choose something decidedly feminine whether new and unique (blossom, fleur, vienna) trendy (savanna, dalia, imogen) popular sometime in the past (jennifer, josephina) or the current favorites which are also classic (charlotte, lily)... not my suggestions but i just used those names to illustrate what i am saying. i just dont think its fair to name her riley, addison, charlie when her sister's name is beautifully feminine

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    i would wonder how many people outside of naming boards judge names as a 'sib set'? i think you could find a nice balance with something with a more modern touch - i think being happy with your choice is more important than settling anyhoo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nannster View Post
    i would wonder how many people outside of naming boards judge names as a 'sib set'? i think you could find a nice balance with something with a more modern touch - i think being happy with your choice is more important than settling anyhoo!
    I totally agree. While I love this site, I do admit that sometimes we do get too caught up in how well sibling names go together. Before anyone gets mad at that statement, I admit that I myself am guilty of voting for a name based on how well it fits with the existing sibset. That being said...

    I know a sibset of Addison and Annabel and it really fits together nicely. You should pick a name that you love that feels right for your child. And PLUS, a person's taste in names can change between children, so names you loved when you were pregnant with baby #1 may not be the same names you love when baby #2 comes along.

    People IRL don't very often judge names as a sibset. They may wonder where a name came from but as long as you don't have a sibset of (for example): Catherine, Elizabeth, Margaret, and their sister Shaneekquah (lol) then you should be fine. Unless you really love Shaneekquah but be prepared to explain (ALOT). :P
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    Thanks for the replies and encouragement guys.I didn't realize this thread had been brought back up. I think it was started back in
    August. Anyways, I was surprised to see this because it is one of the things that I have still been dealing with. I am no farther than I was when I started this. I still have a little time (Dec) but I am soooo tired of thinking about this all the time. I am OCD with names and my favorites still change daily.

    I appreciate all your comments regarding sibsets. I don't want that to be my number one factor and I think most of you agree that it
    shouldn't be and have made me feel so much better about liking names of a different style than DD. Right now, one of my favorites is Delaney (named after aunt Elaine). We would try to make the name sound a little more feminine with a classic middle name. Right now we are thinking Delaney Pearl (my mn), Delaney Kate, Delaney Joy or Delaney Brynn (DH is Brian). WDYT?

    With that said I still have a list of more classic girls names that I like and don't know how to narrow down to just one. This is one of
    those times I wish I was having quadruplets!!lol just kidding, maybe. Here are my other top girl contenders:
    Sara Beth
    Lorelai (A new one on the list. I like the southern feel of it, but wonder if it is too much of a mouthful for my family to say)
    Daphne (family not really keen on)
    Georgia (" ")
    Charlotte (" ")
    Lily ( I know it is stinking popular and we have a distant cousin with that name, but I still really like it.

    The girls list is so long I will just have to add the boys names in another post. So, berries what are your thoughts? Anything you
    can offer to help us make this decision is appreciated!! TIA!!! Ideally, we would like to take two names of each gender to the hospital with us. It would be a miracle if we actually decided on one before then, but I am not holding my breath.....

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