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    Back to the Drawing Board...Help!

    About a month and a half ago, we decided to name our second daughter Emery Josephine. She is due in January. We have a daughter named Avery Virginia. While we both really do love Emery, over the past month saying the Avery and Emery together, I have come to be concerned that they really are too similar (we knew that when we started, but we went with it anyway because my husband really loved the name).

    We have opened the floor again for other considerations. The middle name will be Josephine, there is no room for discussion there.

    We have Charlotte (my favorite), Clare/Claire, Reese, and possibly Quinn (although I am not sure about the flow of Quinn Josephine).

    Suggestions, please!!!

    I want the girls names to pair well together, without being too similar (like Avery and Emery).

    Thank you all!!!

    (Trying to get this decided before the baby shower invitations go out...HA!)

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    My daughter's name is Emmary Josephina, and we call her Emmary, EmmaJo and Emmi. We spelled it Emmary to honor both her Grandmothers (Emma and Mary). Also, her best friend & neighbor is Avery... so I end up saying both names a lot! I don't find them to be that similar but I am partial to Emery! Anyway, I think you need a two syllable name to go with Josephine, so Charlotte gets my 2nd vote.

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    I'm not sure that I would go with a decidedly feminine name for Avery's sister. I would assume that Avery was a boy (although I assume that regardless, because I see Avery just as a boy name). I would go with Reese Josephine. My three year old's BFF's name is Reese, and she is adorable. I think Avery and Reese go well together. Even though Avery and Emery are not awful together, they are very similar.
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    Quinn Josephine is a very awkward combo for my because my step kids are Quintin and one of Harmony's middle names is Josephine.

    I think perhaps another 3 syllable name might give the same feel without being too similar - Aurora comes immediately to mind.

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    I think Claire is the clear winner here. It makes Avery lean to its feminine side and makes both names seem modern and up to date.

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