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    I think if you just relax and remain open to possibilities, the right name will come to you at the right time. December is months away, so you have lots of time.

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    That is some freaking excellent advice. It must be said. Thanks, March.

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    I know sisters with the names Amanda and Spencer. One is feminine and popular for her birth year and the other is unisex and not popular for girls at all, but they work together. Spencer was an important surname in their father's family so that's why it was chosen. I know a few families whose sibset doesn't match because one of the names is a family name and the other is a name the parents just liked. I don't see a thing wrong with it. My cousin has 4 kids named Michael (named for his dad), Austin, Haven, and Bryn. To me Michael is the odd one out, but no one else ever seems to notice. I'm just a name nerd like that. I say choose what you love. Good luck!
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