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    Just choose a name you love. I don't think that sibling names have to "go together" (which is completely subjective anyway) and most people outside of naming message boards probably don't even think about it.

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    Another idea is to look at names from the same origin (french) if you'd like... But don't box yourself in. Make a huge list of names you like and are instantly drawn to as well. Don't over think- just add it to the list. See what names appeal and pick what you really love. I adore the name Annabelle and with her I can see Claire, Rose (or some variation), Vivian. Look for names from all origins as well- The Scottish variation of your DD is Annabel and so I think a Scottish name would go wonderfully with your Annabelle. Rory perhaps. Try searching names with meanings you like, what sounds good to your ears and give you a good feeling. I think Zoe is wonderful too. Have fun!

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    Hmm, feminine but not frilly, not common, maybe with a modern feel and fits with Annabelle....lets see what I can come up with!:

    Annabelle and Ada (if you don't mind matching initials?)
    Annabelle and Bridget
    Annabelle and Brooke
    Annabelle and Cara
    Annabelle and Carys
    Annabelle and Cassia
    Annabelle and Celeste
    Annabelle and Claire (popular but lovely and simple)
    Annabelle and Claudia
    Annabelle and Clea (clay-uh)
    Annabelle and Cleo
    Annabelle and Daisy
    Annabelle and Darcey/Darcy (unisex and yet feels very feminine to me due to ballerina Darcey Bussell)
    Annabelle and Delaney
    Annabelle and Delphine
    Annabelle and Eden
    Annabelle and Esme
    Annabelle and Everly
    Annabelle and Fiona
    Annabelle and Freya
    Annabelle and Georgia
    Annabelle and Hadley (more unisex)
    Annabelle and India
    Annabelle and Lana
    Annabelle and Lara
    Annabelle and Leila
    Annabelle and Lila
    Annabelle and Lola
    Annabelle and Liv
    Annabelle and Lyra
    Annabelle and Maya (I know this one is popular but they match so well and it feels modern to me)
    Annabelle and Marlo
    Annabelle and Milla
    Annabelle and Nina
    Annabelle and Nola
    Annabelle and Oona
    Annabelle and Rowan
    Annabelle and Samara (feminine but with the unisex nn's Sam or Sammie as possibilities)
    Annabelle and Scarlett
    Annabelle and Seren
    Annabelle and Tessa (perfect to me!)
    Annabelle and Thea
    Annabelle and Zara (a more unusual alternative to Zoe?)

    Sorry if there are too many!! Hope that helps

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    thanks for all your input guys.I can understand where you are coming from and it is making me feel not so boxed in with names. ljandrl-thanks for the long list. There are a few I am considering. I just don't know how to know if I love a name. I think I might one day and
    then the next I'm out of love with it and moving on to something else I like. I feel like I really love Lily, but it is already in use in our
    family (although DH said we can still use it) and still pretty popular. Although I am not really as concerned about popularity as much as I was with DD because I understand the percentages better this time around. For a while after DD was born I kept crushing on the
    names Lucy, Caroline and Natalie and thought I would use one of them for another DD, but once I found out I was pregnant again so
    soon, I couldn't commit and made myself go back to square one so I wouldn't overlook any name, and once again put myself in mass
    confusion.Poor DH.... I make this such a hard process --it is a wonder why he even wants kids with me at all!

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    I love Lucas for your boys name

    With Annabelle I like;


    Hope you like some of these?

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