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  • Opal

    19 22.89%
  • Mabel

    5 6.02%
  • Esme

    26 31.33%
  • Faye

    11 13.25%
  • Edith nn Edie

    10 12.05%
  • Helena (hubby's pick)

    12 14.46%
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    These are all great names! I voted for Opal because I love it and it is underused, and I do think Isla and Opal sound nice and have a sort of natural them going on. But, I almost voted for Esme, and really any of them would work!

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    Everyone's responses have been so helpful! I guess Esme is the favorite, which I like but I think is a little matchy and I don't like the twilight association. Funnily enough, my favorite is Mabel, with the least votes!
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    I agree with this whole-heartedly. Isla and Esme is just so beautiful. It makes me weepy. <3

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    Esme, hands down!! It has the same chic sophistication and charm as Isla. I adore both names, and both were on my list IF I had a girl. I think Opal is nice but no where near as sophisticated. Oh please use Esme!!

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    Opal gmv! Its underused and really lovely.
    Esme is a name that's on my list (along with Isla), but here's the thing that throws me from the combo: The -s in Isla is silent, but in Esme it isn't. I'm afraid it would lead to pronunciation confusion, especially in my neck of the woods!
    Helena is a close 2nd

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