View Poll Results: Which is your favorite for our baby girl?

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  • Sela (pronounced See-la)

    4 8.51%
  • Eleanor

    21 44.68%
  • Fiona

    13 27.66%
  • Eloise

    9 19.15%
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    Post Baby Girl Poll, down to 4 choices!

    Sela (pronounced See-la)
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    1 Sela - lovely and rare
    2 Eleanor - classic and regal
    3 Eloise - quirky and spunky
    4 Fiona - ok

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    Fiona--probably my second favorite. It's not a huge favorite of mine or anything, but I know someone who has a cute little girl named Fiona, nn Effie, which I think is so cool. I prefer Fiona as a MN, but it's still nice.

    Sela--I really don't see the appeal of this, and it seems like I'm the only one. :/ Besides, it's only a letter different from Selah, which I've always heard said like SAY-lah. It's nice, but it just doesn't wow me or anything. :*(

    Eleanor--this is what I voted for. LOVELOVELOVE. It's a MN for my second favorite girls' name (Arianne Eleanor Kate), but I've grown to love it as a FN, too. I love the nn Ella, and Ellie, Lea, and Norah are nice, as well. I would love to meet a little Eleanor! I also love the more frilly Eleanora.

    Eloise--I like it, and I love the nns Ella, Elle, Lou, Lulu, and Lola, but it just doesn't wow me. I like Elise much more. I have only ever met one Eloise, and she kinda ruined it for me. I think Eloise is quirky and fun, though, and it has some really sweet nns.

    Eleanor and Fiona are my favorites, but all your options are great. Good luck!
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    I think Sela may give you prn. issues, I always thought it was see-la,because of the actress Ms. Ward, but I have a friend (in her 20s) that prns. it sell-a. All of the other names are beautiful, it is hard to choose one though w/out knowing other info like what letter your ln starts w/ or how many syllables it has, what the ending sound is or even if there are siblings and what their names are. Also, is popularity or trends important to you? Fiona, Eloise and Eleanor are all gorgeous, it's hard to choose, that's why more info is helpful to be the tie breakers. Since El names are "moving up fast" I voted for Fiona. I love Sela but I am afraid people would e confused by that her whole life.

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    I voted for Fiona! I just think it's such a sweet, charming, lovely, and elegant name! Your other choices are pretty as well, but I like Fiona the best.

    Best wishes to you!

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