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    I like Juna, but think Junia is prettier. Not crazy about Marigold, but I think it could work as a middle name.

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    Thanks for the feedback so far! I'm a stickler for spelling so I'm definitely concerned that Juna may look off in terms of spelling. It's "officially" a Danish name, but I was hoping the similarity to Luna might make it look correct to an American eye.

    Marigold is just such a happy name and I think the option of a Mary/Mari nickname (which would honor a family member) is what makes it seem doable for us.

    I would still love to hear other thoughts though!

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    I like both names. They're both unusual without being strange. Marigold I love because besides being a pretty flower, it has the great nicknames Mari and Goldie. I don't believe I've heard Juna before but I think it sounds really elegant and sophisticated. Plus, even though it's not a common name, the pronunciation is easy. Juna Marigold would actually be a pretty great combo!

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    I think Juna Marigold is a beautiful name!! I too love the name Juniper...of course, I adore these as well: Juno, Junia, Junie, June...
    (I have a lovely purebred Himalayan Persian cat I named Juno, and I call her by all of the variations above--haha!).
    I find Juna to be very close to Juno sound-wise, but think it appears more feminine on paper with the -a ending, as opposed to the -o ending on Juno. Also, with the name Juno, trying to tell her 'no' as a toddler may be an interesting endeavor, especially if you use the nn 'June' often. (This happened to me with my cat-She always listens best when I say "Juno--NO!"; if I say 'June--No!", it basically sounds like I'm just saying her name...not effective! hehe...).

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