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    Reviews for 3 Names?

    Keep in mind I'm half-French, half-American. We live in NYC but any child we have will also travel to France and Australia (he's half-Australian).

    The 3:


    The more thoughts the better! Thanks.
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    Sabine--lovelovelove! Sabrina seems to be so much more popular than Sabina or Sabine, but I love all three. My favorite by far is Sabina, though. I used it in a short story I wrote last spring for school, but even before that, I loved the name. I love the nns Abby and Bina, if you're looking for a nn. I think Sabine works really well in the US, France, and Australia, although I don't really understand naming trends for France and Australia.

    Juliette--sorry, this is just so overrated imo. I don't understand why everyone loves it! I have liked it in the past as a MN (Leila Juliette was on my list), and I much prefer Juliette to Juliet, but I love Julia so much more. This is my least favorite. :*(

    Anais--adoreee. I used this in a story once, too. bahaha. If I thought it would be able to catch on where I live (Pennsylvania), I might consider it more seriously. As it is, I'm considering as a potential MN for Rachel. For a couple of weeks, I did consider it for my Annie name, but I'm leaning toward Anneliese, nn Annie, instead. Still, it's a gem of the name, and sooo pretty. I think Sabine Anais would be stunning, actually.

    Good luck!
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    I like all 3 names but I really adore Juliette, its just so romantic and I feel the least problematic for fitting in and pronounciation.
    Anais would be my 2nd choice, very lovely but I do think pronounciation will be an issue.
    Sabine is a distant 3rd, still a nice choice but really obscure for an american child in my opinion.
    Best of luck!

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    My favorites in Order:

    Anais: Adore this name. The sound is so beautiful. It Will obviously work great in France. It's worth correcting Americans pronounciation to use Anais. IMO.

    Sabine: I like it -not love. It's pretty and & a unique choice. I think it will work well in all 3 countries.

    Juliette: I'm not a fan at all. Agree with pp about this name being overrated.

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    You have great taste. I love all three, but I think Sabine gets my vote. Juliette is not as fresh to me and I think pronunciation issues could become a headache for Anaïs if you're primarily in the US. I would love to meet a little Sabine!

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