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    I actually love the sound of Brynnlee, but none of the variations to spell it. :P Drives my hubby nuts that I want the names to "go" together, but I think it's important. I don't want one kid to think they got the "weird" name, or in our case perhaps one to think they got the boring name!

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    Brynn- I know a Brenna and a Brynn right now, I do think it's becoming a more popular name- perhaps Brynna nn Brynn?

    Sydney- this is a very popular name right now, and Scarlett I believe is getting up there and just doesn't seem to "go" with your other names. I agree that Delaney seems the best choice

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    Red face

    We recently celebrated Brynn Adelaide's 2nd birthday. Now we are working on a name for Baby no. 5 due this summer! Stumped so far. :P

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