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    I agree that Kinsley is much more popular than you might think - especially because of multiple spellings. Just today I saw that a friend of a friend was naming their new baby Kinzleigh (yes, that spelling made me want to vomit - and there were TEN spelled that way last year!). Add in Kinslee and Kinsly and Kensley and it's practically the new Caitlin (okay, not quite.)

    Tensley is OK, but I really prefer almost all ljandrls' suggestions to either of these.

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    Not a fan, sorry! I don't mind Brooke but the rest are bad.

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    I'm so glad you liked the suggestions Emerson, Emery, Avery, Rory, Noa, and Rowan.

    With Brooke, I particularly like Noa Brooke, Avery Brooke and Emery Brooke - they all seem to have a nice "ring" to me. So if I had to put your final options in order it'd be:

    Emery Brooke
    Noa Brooke
    Avery Brooke
    Rowan Brooke
    Emerson Brooke
    Kinsley Brooke
    Rory Brooke

    Emery is my number 1. I think it has that unisex, modern surnamey feel you like, but also seems feminine and I like the way a 3 syllable name sounds with Brooke. Avery is equally as lovely but far more popular so Emery just seems more special and unique. I think Noa is gorgeous too, short and sweet and yet sounds perfect with Brooke. Plus it's not in the top 1000 in the US despite being popular in Spain, and has the nice meaning "movement/motion".

    These would definitely be my 3 picks but I think whichever name you go with you can't go wrong! Good luck
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