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    I think Kinsley sounds very current and similar to a lot of names that are popular right now. Even though I don't like most of those names, I do actually like this one. I am SO happy you're spelling it that way because a friend of a friend had a Kynzleea or something close to that recently which is just atrocious.

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    Thank you! We actually looked at alot of the names on your list. I really love the name Brooke and want to keep it as her middle name so its just finding the perfect first name. My faves are Emerson, Emery, Avery, Rory, Noa, and Rowan. On the name Tenley, Im pretty sure thats where she got the name from after talking about it more. Im not a big fan of it but just wanted to get an outsiders input on it. Thank you so much for all the names you listed!

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    I like Kinsley Brooke! I think it's really cute and it sounds great with your and your husband's names! From your other favorites I like Emery, Rory, Noa, and Rowan.

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    I love Kinsley Brooke! I think it just fits so perfectly! Logan, Sawyer and Kinsley! It just works. We are still keeping our minds open but after much consideration we think that her name is Kinsley Brooke

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    I vote for Emery, Noa, Rory, Avery, or Rowan! LOL a lot of choices, but I prefer them over Kinsley as it is so trendy and I would fear it will date quickly. Emerson is quite but a bit more masculine.

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