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    Thoughts on the name we picked

    Okay so me and my darling hubby are expecting our first little princess on November 14th! It took us a long time to narrow down her name, We wanted a name that went well with both my name and his. My name is Sawyer Jane and my hubbys is Logan Allen.
    I think we finally got it right for but we wanted to get some input on it.
    Her name (as of right now) Kinsley Brooke
    I love it but just wanted to get thoughts on it, were still open to new names if you all have any to share that would be great
    I also wanted to know what people think about the name Tenley? I had a friend recently suggest it to me and am not sure about it still. What do you guys think?

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    Hi there,

    Well I love new little niece who is due in about 2 weeks will be a Brooke and if it wasn't for her, the name would be on my list too!

    Kinsley makes me think of Dorling Kinsley books (not sure if that's only an association here in the UK) but that's not a bad thing at all since I love books and reading! I prefer Kinsley to Tenley simply because I think Tenley is so associated with one person (reality star Tenley Molzahn off The Bachelor/Bachelor Pad etc). Obviously she's nowhere near as famous, but for me it's like using a name like Beyonce. As lovely a sound as it may have people will always think of someone else when they hear your daughters name which would personally annoy me. Obviously this is not as much of a concern for Tenley as it would be for Beyonce/Madonna etc but its still enough to put me off.

    I love the name Sawyer too by the way, something like Brooke Sawyer would be adorable! Sawyer and Logan are both modern unisex names and I see you like that style too, so how about:

    Hadley Brooke
    Bailey Brooke (too much B?)
    Everly Brooke
    Emerson Brooke
    Quinn Sawyer (or anyother name, I just don't think 2 1 syllable names together works well)
    Kennedy Brooke
    Rowan Brooke
    Avery Brooke (a fave of mine!)
    Everett Brooke
    Rory Brooke
    Sidonie Brooke
    Indiana Brooke
    Ellington Brooke
    Tennessee Brooke
    Sinclair Brooke
    Morgan Brooke
    Romney Brooke
    Noa Brooke
    Marlo Brooke
    Leighton Brooke
    Indio Brooke
    Hollis Brooke
    Spencer Brooke
    Emery Brooke
    Bellamy Brooke
    August Brooke
    Afton Brooke
    McKenna Brooke
    Delaney Brooke
    Avalon Brooke
    Etienne Brooke
    Elliot Brooke
    Tierney Brooke
    Paisley Brooke
    Keiley Brooke

    I hope that helps and doesn't overwhelm you more! Good luck
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    For me personally, Kinsley seems like one of those names that is much more popular than anyone realizes, due to multiple spellings (I know a Kynslea, a Kinsley, and a Kensley, and I'm sure there are more), and because it isn't as far as I know a genuine last name (just as McKinley or Mackenzie) it just seems as though it will be very trendy and not a name that will last for many years. I do like the name Brooke, that's an example of a name that has become a classic for girls but also has the strong surname/androgynous feel you seem to like. Although it is already very popular, names like Kelsey, Mackenzie, Kelly, Kellan, Kieran, etc, seem somewhat stronger because they are genuine last names likely to become classics. I like several of the above poster's names as well.

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    I like Tenley-- my university's in a Washington, D.C. neighborhood called Tenleytown (nice area), and always thought it had a nice, friendly ring to it.

    Kinsley is a real last name-- if you google it, you'll get lots of people who have the surname 'Kinsley,' and I like how it's kind of a cross between Kinsey and Kingsley. The drawback is that people will probably think her name's one of those two, but I like it. It has a crisp, energetic sound to it while still sounding friendly.

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    I personally think that Kinsley and Tenley both sound VERY trendy and made up. I'm not saying they are made up, but they sound like it to me. I'm really not a fan. No offense.

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