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    1 week to go!!! Is popular bad?

    I am so not a trendy person. I like classic, timeless, but with a fresh twist. Hence my toddler is named Zachary. However with 1 wk to go we still don't have a name for my girl. I want something I will love and that my baby girl will love. So far my favorite name is Olivia, but not because it is trendy because is is feminine but strong, and from Shakespeare. I really need help. I have given up on lots of my previous criteria and now I just want something that feels right.

    What I like about Olivia:

    beautiful, but somewhat quirky like Zachary
    feminine, but strong
    around for a very long time, but newly rediscovered.

    What I hate:
    it is number 4 in the nation
    No really cute nn like ellie or belle or cami

    help me please!

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    If you love Olivia, then use it. Popularity isn't really that big a deal. If you look at the actual numbers, less than 1% of babies born last year were named Olivia. And I don't see Olivia as being trendy. It's a classic name that just happens to be popular right now.

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    If you love it you should use it!!!
    I think popularity is more a local thing- even though its number 4 in the country she might very well be the only one in her class!

    My parents named my sister Olivia 27 years ago thinking it was differnt and not popular and she ended up with 3 in her class!!!

    I love the nn Ollie.. I think its really cute!

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    I don't think there's anything wrong with choosing a popular name!

    Olivia is stunning. It's popular for a reason, and I think it's very versatile. Olivia, Liv, Livy, Ollie, Via, Livia... I've even considered Lily, Ivy, and Libby as nns for it, and I think a good many of them are sweet and adorable. Especially Livy.

    I think Zachary and Olivia are sweet together, too.

    I grew up with a very popular name (Ashley), and it's never really bothered me. I loved meeting other Ashleys. I went to small private schools most of my life, so I didn't get overexposed to my name, which was nice. I don't think having a popular name will kill anybody, and it seems like everyone wants something unique and unheard of. I really don't care one way or another. Many of my favorites are quite popular, but I don't care. They're less popular than my name was when I was born, and I never had a problem with it. I realize that's probably a weird opinion to have, seeing that many people on here DO like less common names, but oh, well. lol. I like uncommon names as much as the next person (Daphne, Callista, Clara, Ayelet, etc. are favorites of mine, along with Isabelle, Olivia, Grace, Charlotte, Lily/Liliana, and Rachel), but I just don't feel the NEED to use a name that is more hipster and less known than the next parent out there. My daughter may be one of the thousands of Isabelles out there, but she'll still be MY Isabelle, and that's what makes her special. And if she's anything like me, she'll enjoy meeting other Isabelles/Isabellas. To me, it was almost like a game, or some secret-spy-commando mission thing. lol. It was fun being an Ashley. I hope my children grow to see it the same way. If not, I'm trying to choose less popular MNs, so they can go by that if they prefer.

    But, lol, my point from all that rambling is that there is nothing wrong with Olivia! In fact, it's perfect, imo. I would love to meet siblings named Zachary and Olivia. On top of that, Zachary isn't all that much less common than Olivia. They're both on the top 100 used names in America. If you want something a little more spunky and less common, what about Liv, though? I think Zachary and Liv are adorable together, and there's still the sweet, girly, cute nn of Livy.
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    I agree- I think Olivia is a lovely name that will not ever truly be trendy because it is so old and classic. I for one have an aunt Olivia who goes by Libby, her niece is named Olivia and goes by Livvy, I have a friend who's sister's name is Alivia and she often goes by Liv or Livvy, and I know four other little girls named Olivia as well, but I still think it's a very pretty name.

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