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    My partners have two little girls named Harmony and Melody. When I was pregnant this last time, I used Aria as a middle name to go along with the music theme. I'm not pregnant yet, but we would like to be within the next year or two. Well, I really dislike Cadence, so that's out. We have Lyra, Viola, Rhapsody and Virelai as middle name options - I'm willing to go pretty over the top in the middle, so any other music related suggestions would be nice. (Arietta and Allegra are out - she feels weird using Arietta and she dislikes Allegra.)

    We have all agreed on Tabitha, Penelope and Cordelia as first name options. We played around with Tabitha Rhapsody last night, but I need another middle name (all the kids have two middles) I really love Penelope Virelai, though, as well. (Virelai is veer-ah-lie, kind of like Lorelai). Its a type of verse that is used in poetry and verse - my partner is an English major, so this fits with the musical theme and her passion for literature and poetry. Plus, it's French, and both of us have a strong French background.

    I would like suggestions of Hispanic and Italian names that would also go with these, since those are also strong ethnic backgrounds in our family.

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