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    Cosima is a little weighty -- that's a good description. Alternatives:

    Ciel (See-elle) meaning sky. This has the sleek factor that Nara has.
    Desdemona nn Mona I think Desdemona Lark is a very fun name.

    You may have fun looking at this list:

    I think Phoebe runs a much higher risk of getting trendy popular than Beatrice does. I think that is a name that is (and will remain) more popular on this website than in the general public (sort of like Felix).

    I think Nara could be considered sleek or boring depending on your mood. I prefer the original suggestion of Nala. This has all the sleekness and simple elegance without veering into Blah territory.

    And for what it's worth, Clara King is lovely, esp. if you pronounce the first syllable to rhyme with "car" and not "care".

    Have to suggest a personal favorite of mine: Claudia

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    (I've decided to not think about popularity, and just go with the names that I could really see myself using)


    I'm curious to see which has more favor, Hazel or Mabel. Thoughts on the other names?

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    Hazel is cuter than Mabel. Maybe Haven is a good alternative?

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    I LOVE Nara! About 12 years ago, I was teaching at a daycare and had a little girl in my class named Nara. She had a sister named Leila, which at the time wasn't such a popular name. Anyway, I loved Nara--she was an adorable little 2 year old chatter box with huge brown eyes and dimples--and I love the name.

    From you list, I also love Phoebe, Beatrice and Cosima.
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    Ugh. Name burn out happening here.

    I've thought about using Lark as a first name....only problem is my last name starts with a K, and is one syllable. I also cannot think of middle names to go with it.

    Beatrice is beautiful but a bit traditional.

    Mabel is cool but (ridiculously) I worry about dating a guy who'll be like "hey, that's my grandma's name..."

    I LOVE the meanings of Nara, but I think it's a bit too simple.

    India and Ophelia are pretty, but the character in Hamlet is no role model.

    And those were my top names. I was looking for elegant, unusual, yet recognizable. Help please?
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