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    Love Ophelia and Beatrice from your list.
    Love Oona also, more Urish spellings of this are Oonagh and Úna.
    Perhaps since you like Oona, you may like Orla/Orlaith.
    also, since you like Mabel, maybe you'd like Maeve, or Mae and a nn for Mabel?

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    You have a great list!
    Have you considered Nala? This is so pretty and very rare, she was the lion kings mother in the movie the Lion king.
    Ariela is another very rare name.

    Ophelia is really cute on a little girl, I know a little Ophelia and she wears it very well.
    I also love India, what a beautiful name.
    Good luck!

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    My favorites from my list that I'm starting to consider using:

    Orla (just added)

    With Mabel, i have two concerns; one is that 176 girls were named Mabel in 2010. Can anyone detect a potential for popularity? Or is it too offbeat? secondly, Mabel Lark is slightly slurry because of the -l ending and l- beginning. Is this a problem or does it not matter except on wedding announcements and such?

    Would Nara get confused with Tara, Farrah, or is it different enough to stand out?
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    I like Mabel, Nara and Orla, not keen on Cosima.

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    From your list i like Phoebe, Beatrice, Cosima, Verity and Mabel with the mn Lark

    I think that Orla Lark doesn't flow well so its my least favourite from your list

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