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    Red face Middle name to go with Indie (baby girl)

    Can anyone give me advice on a middle name that goes well with Indie? I really love Indie Doll, but know someone who has used Doll already. Does anyone know of another cute name like Doll? I really don't want anything like Grace or Rose, as they've become way too popular.

    Oh, bye the way, it's for a girl!

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    I can't think of anything at the moment but I'd just make sure whatever you choose isn't a word and doesn't sound like one since indie is kind of an adjective. Obviously that's my personal preference, though, and may not agree with yours. I think indie is cute but would probably use it as a nn for India.
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    I really love Alba. Indie Alba.

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    I prefer Indie to India. I thought Alba was a surname. I only say that because of Jessica Alba.

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    I used to have Indie Johanna and Indie Faith on my list, what do you think? By the way, I think Indie is gorgeous and also prefer it to India.

    More suggestions:

    Indie April
    Indie Alice
    Indie Beatrix
    Indie Gwen
    Indie Marguerite
    Indie Margaux/Margot
    Indie Rowena
    Indie Adelaide
    Indie Araminta
    Indie Michelle
    Indie Madeleine
    Indie Catalina
    Indie Louise
    Indie Camilla
    Indie Ramona
    Indie Clover
    Indie Matilda you like any of those?
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