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    Thoughts and first reaction to...

    1. Juna

    2. Marigold

    I love both names, but would really appreciate some feedback from others. We're American with Scandinavian heritage, but I don't want the name we choose to sound like we're trying too hard to be something we're not (if that makes any sense!).

    What do you think of these names? Do you have any strong gut reactions or associations?

    (Not sure of middles yet. Possibly Elise, May, Belle, or Marigold if we go with Juna for the first. I also like Juniper, but feel more drawn to Juna for some reason.)

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    I really like Marigold, even though I'm allergic to them! I'm not a huge fan of Juna, but it's not a bad name at all, just not my type of name. If I met a girl named Juna or Marigold I would think they were lovely and refreshing! I don't think it sounds like you're trying too hard at all.

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    Juna - kind of meh, nothing special... can't say I think much of it, really. Overall it's just okay.

    Marigold - GP for me because it's a tad too flowery, but it sounds very lovely.

    None of them sound "trying too hard" though, either one would be fine.

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    Juna - I prefer June, Juno or Junia myself. This spelling is a bit odd.
    Marigold - A bit cutesy for a first name but I do think it would be a quirky choice in the middle spot.

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    Juna is ok, but i think I prefer vintagy feel of June better.

    Marigold I find really just very weird, almost too much for a person to handle, perhaps as a middle name it would work.

    Keep in mind I am Canadian and we do tend to be a little more conservative in our name choices, so Im not sure where you live, but perhaps a little Marigold would fit in?

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