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    My Top Ten- Girls

    Hi! I've posted here before, and just to make it clear, I'm a Teen Berry, not an expectant mother. I like vintage and old fashioned names. I'd just like an opinion of my top ten girl combinations:

    Georgiana Cordelia
    Genevieve Eloise
    Theodora Esther
    Beatrice Flora
    Edith Rosamund
    Isadora Augusta
    Anastasia Lavinia
    Viola Wilhelmina
    Cecily Pearl
    Minerva Lucretia

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm a teen Berry too

    Georgiana Cordelia - Wow, so many syllables! This one is kind of a mouthful! I prefer the simpler Georgia over Georgiana to be honest. Cordelia has the sweet, clunky but cool vintage charm.
    Genevieve Eloise - Okay, the truth is I don't like either name :P But that doesn't mean they're bad names! This is a balanced combo that would work fantastically for a little girl.
    Theodora Esther - Thea is one of my top names, but I nixed Theodora because of it's heaviness. Esther has always seemed sort of bland to me.
    Beatrice Flora - Beatrice is another top name of mine! Flora not so much, only because I have some bad connotations with the actual *word* flora.
    Edith Rosamund - This is a very heavy, clunky name I find. Especially for a little girl. But maybe it's just me because once again (sorry!) I'm not quite a fan of either name.
    Isadora Augusta - I think both are beautiful names (I love Augusta in the middle spot) but together they sound a little sing-songy.
    Anastasia Lavinia - Anastasia is all good and well, but Lavinia.... I'm sorry, if there is one name that I just cannot stand it is Lavinia. It sounds nasally and musty to me.
    Viola Wilhelmina - Prefer the sound of Violet to Viola... Wilhelmina is great!
    Cecily Pearl - Cecily has always reminded me of "cess" as in cesspool and such :/ Pearl is sweet!
    Minerva Lucretia - This is my least favourite name from your list. I take back what I said about Lavinia... Lucretia sounds like "excretion" to me along with a few other unpleasant things. Minerva sounds like "nerves" to me. Also it reminds me of the professor from Harry Potter.

    I'm sorry if I was harsh! If I could mix and match from your names here are some combos I'd make:

    Cordelia Pearl
    Beatrice Wilhelmina
    Isadora Pearl
    Pearl Augusta

    Hope I helped, and sorry for the harshness!


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    I'm also a Teen Berry and I think you have some amazing names here A lot of them are on my list too.

    Georgiana Cordelia - Georgiana is alright, although I do like Georgia better. I love Cordelia though. As a combo it might be a bit much.
    Genevieve Eloise - This one is really pretty together. I don't love Genevieve but with Eloise it sounds great.
    Theodora Esther - Theodora has been growing on me lately so I like that, and while Theodora Esther sounds good together there's just something I don't like about Esther.
    Beatrice Flora - These are two names I really love. They're both gorgeous and as a combo it works great.
    Edith Rosamund - This is probably the combo I like the least. I don't like Edith or Rosamund, and as bounceparty said, it is pretty heavy and clunky. I like other Rosa names like Rosabelle and Rosalina which I think might work better.
    Isadora Augusta - I love how Isadora isn't used a lot and how there's something mystical about the way it sounds. Augusta and Augustus always remind me of Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so I'd never use them. However, Isadora Augusta sounds nice.
    Anastasia Lavinia - I like Anastasia a lot but I just really don't like Lavinia at all. There are just some names I hate the sound of and that is one of them.
    Viola Wilhelmina - This one is definitely my favourite from your list. Viola & Wilhelmina are two of my absolute favourite names.
    Cecily Pearl - I think Celia would work better than Cecily here, but I do love how Pearl is classic and vintage.
    Minerva Lucretia - There's something interesting about Minerva that I like, but I don't know if I'd ever actually use it. Lucretia, like Lavinia is just one of those names I hate.

    This is just a suggestion of some other names you might like: Ophelia, Eleanor, Araminta, Octavia, Ariadne, Astrid, Delphina, Magnolia, Ingrid, Rowena, Hazel, Freya

    Hope this helps

    Ophelia Lorraine Pearl ❤ Oliver Hugo Thomas


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    Georgiana Cordelia- I feel as though this is too much of a name. That's 8 syllables right there. I'm also not a fan of both names ending with "a".
    Genevieve Eloise- This is much better, though I'm not a fan of Genevieve.
    Theodora Esther- Thea would be a cute nickname.
    Beatrice Flora- I just can't like Beatrice. Flora is pretty.
    Edith Rosamund- I'm getting the feeling that you like grandma names
    Isadora Augusta- So far my favorite. Still not a fan of the two "a" ending sounds together.
    Anastasia Lavinia- Laviia is interesting. Never heard of it. I love Anastasia.
    Viola Wilhelmina- Love, love, love Viola.
    Cecily Pearl- A short name! I love Peral for a middle name.
    Minerva Lucretia- Not my favorite.

    I hope I don't sound harsh. I think we just have completely different styles. Personally, I think Viola Eloise sounds the best.

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    Thanks for all of the replies!
    I can see what you're saying with Georgianan Cordelia- it IS a whole lotta name. And I'm not sure if it's a good whole lot of name. I love both names, but I could never say Cordelia over and over again. Theodora Esther was more of a flow thing I think, but I also like Theodora . That could be too much name too. And usagurl14- I do like Grandma names. Edith Rosamund may be a bit like MY grandmas' name. And you don't sound harsh! It's good to hear opinions so that if I have a daughter one day, I won't be giving her a name that's too much and too wierd. So thank you!

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