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    sorcha (irish for sarah) or sophie ?

    Need help deciding between Sorcha and Sophie. Also some middle name suggestions, last name is King

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    Hi Maureen,

    You should check out the other recent thread on Sorcha for impressions and feedback. It`s my own daughter`s name, so I`m decidedly biased, but I think it`s more distinctive than Sophie. Of course, along with that comes the need to offer explanation on pronunciation, meaning, and origin. That could be the real deciding factor between a more unusual name and a popular classic.

    With King, I might be tempted to lean toward Sophie, as the hard "C" in Sorcha runs into the "K" of King.

    BTW: Sorcha is not "Irish for Sarah" - it has its own etymology and meaning (clear and bright), while Sarah (meaning princess) was used as an anglicization during the Penal Laws period when Gaelic names were outlawed.

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    I know, but sometimes used as Irish for Sarah, thought it would explain reason behind picking it. My parents are Irish and my husband is from Ireland too, so wanted to pick an Irish name. I also lived in Ireland for years and loved this name. My husband is worried it will be a difficult name in America. I love the name Sophie too, just don't like that it's so popular. Thanks for your comments though

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    As much as I love Sorcha, I feel like Sorcha King is a bit hard to say. It runs together. That said I would be sad to see the name, or the idea to use a more unusual Irish name, discarded just for that. Aoife, Orla and Talulla are all Irish names with princess meanings, to connect to Sarah (not sure if you meant to do that, but figured I'd give it a go). Saoirse is fabulous too, and sounds better with King IMO. Either way you can't go wrong, but as someone who loves Irish names I'd love to see a little Sorcha over a Sophie any day.
    (Also, I don't think Sorcha would be too hard for Americans. "ch" is known to make the K sound sometimes anyway)

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    I have to point out that Sophie King sounds like "Sofa King" which isn't bad until you say it out loud. Which is why I would avoid it.

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