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    Téa, Lucy, Madeleine

    Could I get some opinions on these names? DH is so, super frustrating with names. He's nixed Josephine nn Josie from our list which was our front runner.

    We love Téa, but will people know how to spell/pronounce it? I don't like it spelled without the accent, but will people constantly use Tea instead of Téa? Combos we like are Téa Valentine, Téa Marguerite and Téa Aurora.

    I also adore Lucy, but am worried about it's popularity. I've been told it's only getting more popular and I don't want to name my daughter something that will date. Lucy Margaret would be the combo for this name.

    Madeleine is one I've loved for a long time, but I refuse to have her called Maddie (in a sea of Madisons, Madelyns and Madelines). DH likes Leni (on it's own), but would compromise to have her called Madeleine nn Leni. Combo would be Madeleine Lucy (so we could call her Leni Lu sometimes).

    ETA: Our son's name is Elliot Ian if that makes any difference to you.
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    I like Téa Aurora and Madeleine Lucille

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    I also like Tea Aurora and Madeleine Lucy. And I'm with you on Maddie- as much as I like Madeleine, I can't convince myself of Maddie. Just a quick question- are you saying Leni as LEN-nee or LAY-nee?

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