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    Rosalie and Esme do make me think of Twilight, but since only one is a first name I don't think many people will see a connection. The names are beautiful and I think you should use them!

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    I agree that Twilight will become irrelevant in a short time. To me it already is, as I have never read the books or seen the films, but I 'hear' they are not critically considered very good, which tells me they wont have the same staying power of something like Harry Potter. I really only know of the main character names ( Edward & Bella), and through worries on NB I have learned about Esme and Rosalie.

    Personally I am not a fan of Rosalie or many Rose names but that's just me. However it is a family name for you and I think it goes nicely with Aria.
    I adore Esme, it has a history of use and a literary history, via Salinger's great short story- all pre Twilight. Plus I find it so beautiful and elegant not (yet?) overexposed.

    Both names have other associations so I would not worry, they are also not primary names to my limited knowledge in the Twilight franchise.

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    I think in ten years time, people my age (I'm 14) will make the connection, but Twilight is hardly a literary masterpiece, and it won't be considered something that will live on, it's nothing compared to Harry Potter (haha, yes, I'm a big fan of the HP series). I don't think it matters, especially since you're using Rosalie as a middle name, which not a lot of people will know. And if anyone points out the Twilight connection, you can just explain that they are family names, and not vampire names.

    The names you've chosen out are absolutely gorgeous, and sound amazing with Mira, I wouldn't give the Twilight Saga a second thought. Those names are too beautiful to worry about!

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    Twilight may not matter in ten years, but you can't say it hasnt either
    1) affected our naming- brought names into the spotlight
    2) been exactly on trend with naming style

    Esme and Rosalie haven't been in the US top 1000 in the past 20 years and then in 2010 both were back on the charts.

    I'm not saying you should or shouldn't use them, but even as people forget Twilight You will still have a crop of babies who have names chosen based on direct or indirect influence. When trends like this happen it can sometimes give a certain image to a name, like how many people think of Heather as a ditz or Vinny as a Guido .
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    If you were naming twins Esme and Rosalie, then I'd think of Twilight immediately. But as others have said, one is in the middle - and your reasons for using the names are well-thought out. It isn't like you're naming twins Bella and Edward ... Much more subtle, and IMHO, not at all a problem.

    Plus they're great, great names! If it really bothers you, maybe there's a way around it: Aria Rosalie and Esme Lianna, maybe?
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