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    In 10 years will Twilight matter?

    My doc just started me on clomid, so naturally instead of obsessing over one name, I'm now focused on twins.

    Two names that we've agreed on (separately) are Aria Rosalie, and Esme Susannah. All are family names and I happen to think they also make a great twinset. If we had a baby girl tomorrow she would likely be Aria Rosalie - Aria after my grandmother Ardis, and DH's brother Ari; Rosalie is DH's mn Ross and my father's mn Lee. We both have paternal grandmas named Emma, and Esme seemed like a lovely alternative... but together the whole thing screams Twilight. Will that many people make the association IRL? What about Emme/Gemma instead of Esme? Does Twilight really matter?

    Thoughts on Aria Rosalie and Esme Susannah?

    Any new suggestions are (of course) always welcome! Our DD's name is Mira Annabella. Thanks in advance ladies!

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    I don't think Twilight will be a second thought in a few years. I haven't read any of the books or care to see any of the movies. Aria and Esme sounds great with Mira. I like that the all have 4 letters too. I do like Gemma as well, but Emme sounds too nicknamey to be a full name. Another option would be Elsa. If you love Esme, I'd go for it. Some other ideas for honoring Ardis - Ada or Avis.

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    First of all, Mira Anabella is so pretty! I really don't think the Twilight think matters...I actually already think the craze is dying down a little bit (Yay!). Aria and Esme are gorgeous, so I think you should go for it! Besides, only one 1st name is from Twilight, which is what most people will hear. Esme and Rosalie as first names might seem more Twilight-ish. Gemma is also gorgeous :-).

    Good luck!

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    NO! It wont matter and it doesn't now...honestly it is a passing phase and your names are TOO gorgeous to not use, LOVE both of them...and Esme is sooo sophisticated and pretty...please don't worry about a silly show, go with it...I love both of them but Esme is hands down better then Emma or Emmy. Love them both, best of luck TTC!

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    No, it won't matter. Your names are very pretty:-)

    My son is Emmett Edward, and he is almost 10 years old. Only once was his name associated with Twilight, by a very enthusiastic tween Twilight

    Baby dust to you!!

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