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    Thanks for your responses!

    @ashthedreamer, I love Milena Charlotte Belle (though it's looong!) and Milena Sophie Belle! I actually really like Milena Scarlett Belle as well, which surprises me as I generally really don't like Scarlett! Also, I pronounce Milena [mee-LEH-nuh] and I think that's how it'd probably pronounced in the UK, if that has any bearing on your feelings of the name
    Well, I'm glad you liked some of my combos! I really like Milena Sophie Belle, too. Milena Sophie Eve would be pretty, too, but a lot of people seem to have issues with the flow of Sophie Eve.

    As for Milena, here in America, most people I know would say it either mih-LAY-nah or muh-LEE-nah. I'm guessing more Latinate people would say it closer to the first. Seeing it more often has made it appeal to me more, but I'm not sure I would use it. I feel like it's one of those names that *pow*, I suddenly have an epiphany that I love it, but when I really think about it, I'm not sure it really suits my style, but I still like/respect it. I feel the same way with Vivienne and Scarlett.

    There is a baby girl (about 8 months old) in my church who is Milana Kristina, and they announced her name as mih-LAY-nah. Her family is Belarusian, though.
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