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    Milena vs Violet

    I love them both a lot, but Violet is on my list as both a first name (twice! oops), and as a middle name for Milena. I don't really want names to be on there twice (or more) as it makes it more difficult to pair-up names together for future sibsets and generally confuses me! I happen to think that Milena and Violet make a nice sibset. My other favourite is Eleanor Katharine Rose.

    The combos I have are:

    - Violet Amelie Rose
    - Violet Lydia Eve
    - Milena Violet Belle

    Could I get some reviews on these combos? Which is your favourite? Which is your least favourite? If you prefer one of the Violet combos, could you please suggest me some other middle names for Milena? I'm so stuck! If anyone has any more middle name ideas for Violet I'll happily welcome those too, as I've already used Rose for a middle name elsewhere on my list! I'm such a nightmare ;-)

    Thanks :-)
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