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    Your name: Allison Marie

    Your husband's name: James Michael II

    Pregnancy #1. Triplet boys

    Names: Declan George, Sebastian Joel, and James Michael III

    Pregnancy #2. Boy/girl twins

    Names: Wyatt Clayton and Ivy Claire

    Pregnancy #3. Boy/boy/girl triplets

    Names: Ethan Matthew, Logan Alexander, Tyler Benjamin

    Pregnancy #4. Twin girls

    Names: Amelia Jane and Aurora Marie

    Pregnancy #5. Boy/girl twins

    Names: Noah David and Kaylese Abigail

    Pregnancy #6. Girl/girl/boy triplets

    Names: Olivia Joy, Sabrina Faith, and Carter Lewis

    Pregnancy #7. Boy/boy/girl triplets

    Names: Caleb Isaiah, Colton Isaac, and Caitlyn Rosalie

    Pregnancy #8. A girl

    Name: Aaliyah Kassidy

    Pregnancy #9. Quads, 2 boys & 2 girls

    Names: Tristan Leo, Nikolas Roland, Charis Anne, and Audrey Lynn

    Pregnancy #10. A boy

    Name: Owen Samuel

    Allie and Michael

    Declan, Sebastian, and James. Age 17.
    Wyatt and Ivy. Age 15.
    Ethan, Logan, and Tyler. Age 13.
    Milly and Rory. Age 11.
    Noah and Kaylese. Age 9.
    Olivia, Sabrina, and Carter. Age 8.
    Caleb, Colton, and Cati. Age 6.
    Aaliyah Age 3.
    Tristan, Niko, Charis, and Audrey. Age 2.
    Owen. Age NB

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    Your name: Emmy Elizabeth Houston

    Your husband's name: Colin Theodore Houston

    Pregnancy #1.
    6: Triplet boys
    Names: Bodhi Atticus, Price Bray, & Bennett Callaway Houston

    Pregnancy #2.
    7: Triplet girls
    Names: Emma Daphne, Sophie Eloise, & Norah Francine Houston

    Pregnancy #3.
    6: Triplet boys
    Names: Marc Gregory, Finn Hugo, Jude Ishmael Houston

    Pregnancy #4.
    5: Twin girls
    Names: Tessa Jane & Petra Kathryn Houston

    Pregnancy #5.
    7: Triplet girls
    Names: Rosey Leona, Pippa Margaret, & Effie Noelle Houston

    Pregnancy #6.
    3: Boy/girl twins
    Names: Hazel Olivia & Nicholas Parker Houston

    Pregnancy #7.
    10: Quads, 2 boys & 2 girls
    Names: Clara Quinn, January Ray, Redmond Samuel, & Sebastian Theodore Houston

    Pregnancy #8.
    3: Boy/girl twins
    Names: Korinne Umber & Peter Vincent Houston

    Pregnancy #9.
    3: Boy/girl twins
    Names: Caroline Willow & Declan Xavier Houston

    Pregnancy #10.
    2: A girl
    Names: Audrey Zoe Houston

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    Your name: Jorrian Rachelle Trass

    Your husband's name: Brian Richard Trass

    Pregnancy #1: Boy
    Name: Alexander Dean Trass

    Pregnancy #2: Girl
    Name: Bridgette Marie Trass

    Pregnancy #3: Boy/Boy/Girl Triplets
    Names: Finnick Jacob Trass, Auden Daniel Trass, and Emery Rose Trass

    Pregnancy #4: Boy
    Name: Luca Callum Trass

    Pregnancy #5: Boy
    Name: Sterling Dallas Trass

    Pregnancy #6: Girl
    Name: Adeline Savannah Trass

    Pregnancy #7: Girl
    Name: Evelyn Cheyenne Trass

    Pregnancy #8: Girl/Girl/Boy Triplets
    Names: Autumn Monet Trass, Astoria Caroline Trass, and Austin Remington Trass

    Pregnancy #9: Boy/Boy/Girl/Girl Quads
    Names: Viggo Sebastian Trass, Thierry Monroe Trass, Penelope Rue Trass, and Sarah Harper Trass

    Pregnancy #10: Twin Girls
    Names: Eloise Charlotte Trass and Audrey Madison Trass

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