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    Any middle name suggestions for Imogen?

    We kind of decided Imogen for the first name.
    I actually didn't like it, but now I love it.
    And my husband's a big fan of Imogen.

    Because we have more than three months untill the due date,
    we might change our mind if we find better name,
    but for now.. I think our daughter will have Imogen.
    And her twin sister will be Lillian.
    We are sure about the first girl's name Lillian.
    Her middle name will be one of the Rose names.
    But we're struggling with Imogen's middle name.
    Any suggestions?

    Plus What do you think of Lillian & Imogen sib set?

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    I love Imogen....
    How about Imogen Grace, Imogen Piper or Imogen Reese?

    And Lillian and Imogen fit nicely

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    How about a flower/tree name for Imogen since her twin will have one as well?

    Imogen Violet
    Imogen Aster
    Imogen Hazel
    Imogen Willow
    Imogen Daisy
    Imogen Dahlia

    Or, you could go the color route to complement Lillian Rose...

    Imogen Scarlett
    Imogen Pearl
    Imogen Ruby

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    Imogen monet

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