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    Which girls names are your favourites???

    Just wondering what everyone's favourite girls names are, as I am running low on ideas and it's always nice to be inspired! At the moment I really love:

    1. Beatrice Georgia (nn: Bea; Bebe when young)
    2. Estella Daphne (nn: Ella; Stella; Stelly when young)
    3. Guinevere Fay (or possibly Guinevere Alice - any thoughts on other middle names for Guinevere?) (nn: Gwen; Ginny; Evie)
    4. Emilia Guinevere (nn: Emme; Millie)
    5. Alice Hermione
    6. Christine Elora (nn: Chrissy)
    7. Daphne Rebecca (nn: Daffodil when young)

    I think my favourite is Guinevere Fay, but I'm not sure I would be brave enough to use it! (Both names originate from Arthurian legend - Guinevere means 'white' or 'fair' and Fay means 'fairy' and orginates from the Arthurian sorceress Morgan Le Fay - so I think they fit really well!)

    What are your thoughts in my list? What sort of people do you imagine these names would be? Feel free to mix and match them or to add your own ideas!

    What are your most loved girls names???
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    i like guinevere alice and calling her Gwen. I love Gwen.

    My most loved girl names are Zuzanna and calling her Zuzi or Zuzu. Or Lorelei and calling her Rory. And Elinor and calling her Elli.
    And I love my girls' names Emma Rose and Milla Paige.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Beatrice Georgia--sorry, I just can't for the life of me see the appeal in Beatrice! I like Beatrix (more so as a MN), but Beatrice just seems so boring to me, sorry. I do like the nn Bea, though.

    Estella Daphne--LOVE the nn Ella, and the name Daphne, so this is a win for me. I like just Ella Daphne more, though.

    Guinevere Fay/Guinevere Alice--I like Guinevere okay, and I love the nns Gwen and Ginny. The MNs don't really wow me. When I considered writing a story about a Guinevere, I would have used the combo Guinevere Linh (Linh is said like lin-yee). She was half Vietnamese. I also liked Guinevere Violet and Guinevere Lillian. I prefer Guinevere Alice to Guinevere Fay, though.

    Emilia Guinevere--LOVE Emilia. I think the nn Emmy is just too cute, and Millie, Mia, and Lia are adorable, too.

    Alice Hermione--I love Alice, and though I usually write off Hermione due to HP associations, I do like the combo. Though I wouldn't use it, as Alice has Twilight and Hermione has HP. It's just too much magic/vampire associations for me, and I'm really not a fan of either, tbh. One Alice combo I've been smitten over lately is Alice Penelope, but I'm kinda afraid it's completely unusable after Tina Fey.

    Christine Elora--not a fan of Christine at all. I'm not really a fan of any Chris- names on girls (although I do like Krista). I do love Elora, though, and one of my favorite little girls in the world has that name.

    Daphne Rebecca--imo, this is just perfect! Daphne is a current favorite (might even work its way onto my top 10! I just adore it), and Rebecca is my sister's name. I'm pretty sure I want to use a family name for each of my children, and I really like this.

    Right now, my favorites:

    Isabelle Ayelet Grace
    Arianne Eleanor Kate
    Olivia Phoebe Claire/Olivia Maren Josephine/Olivia blehhh (I don't know! I love Olivia and just Liv, though)
    Charlotte Eden Noelle/Charlotte Eden Winter/Charlotte Eden blehhhh (ugh, Olivia and Charlotte give me so much trouble!)
    Liliana Odette Pearl
    Rachel Clara Evangeline
    Violet Ophelia Claire

    Those are really only the set combos. Then other names I really LOVE that haven't quite been figured out yet:
    Aurora (but it would never work with my LN! I'm considering Isabelle Aurora Grace instead of Isabelle Ayelet Grace...)
    Anneliese (or Annika! Maybe Anna Sophia or Anna Rose instead)
    Gwendolyn (or Helena/Eleni--nn Leni)

    I think that's it, right now. Obviously, my lists are longer than most. lol.
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    From your list, I adore Daphne Rebecca and Alice Hermione. Both beautiful, especially Daphne

    My own favorites are :


    Hope that helped
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    Double post!
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