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    I like Isadora Lilia Monet and Isadora Lilia Frances. Another exotic consideration that I'll throw out is Lillemor ("Little Mother") if you're still on the fence about Lilia.

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    Thanks for the input. I definitely think I prefer Monet in honor of my mom over Frances. Now I just need to decide if it works best with Lilia or Lily. I appreciate the suggestions. Thanks.

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    I think the name order would work better as:

    Lily Isadora Monet
    Lilia Isadora Monet

    You could still call her anything you like.

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    Lilia/Lily and Monet are such wonderful names (I would just scratch Kay off the list since it can not compare). Frances is a very underused name. I know what you mean about Lilia being so beautiful. Are you sure that name has to be off your first name list?

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    Yes. Lilia was on our our first name list at one time but really good family friends just named their daugter Lillian and James (dh) will not use it as a first name. Made me so sad because it had been on our list since I was pregnant with our second, over 7 years ago.

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