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    Having just finished a brief university course in Massage and other natural therapies, you are working a few jobs part-time whilst you look for a full-time job that suits your brand new degree. One of these jobs is in a bakery, owned by your best friend, Elsie.
    Elsie has an older brother, who often nips in to beg for cakes and biscuits off you. He's not chubby though... on the contrary; one day you particularly notice his lean shape and just-right muscles... and soon, you're falling for his cheeky grin and soft, persuasive voice.

    What is his name? [roll dice for initials, then choose to suit them, or you can choose if you wish to use your actual partner's name]
    Sebastian Isaac Reynolds

    One evening, you head over to Elsie's house to hand her a list of orders for the bakery. However, it turns out that she isn't in...but Sebastian is, dog-sitting as Elsie has been swept off on a surprise trip to Paris by her boyfriend. After a little conversation (and a bit more), you find that you both have the same feelings for each other.

    After seven months, the two of you are engaged, and two months later, you are married.
    What is the metal of your engagement ring? Silver
    What gemstone is in your engagement ring? Ruby
    What does your wedding dress look like? Lace
    Where & when do you marry? Autumn, a church/religious building.

    8 = four times

    Five months after your honeymoon to a European country, you fall pregnant for the first time. (I rolled twice as it didn't say they were identical)
    Alexander James- Blue eyes and Brown hair
    Zachary Vincent- Blue eyes and Blonde hair

    Three years after your beautiful first(s) are born, you fall pregnant for the second time. Born a week early, you have one child.
    Indigo Alyssa- Green eyes and Almost Black Hair

    Seven months after your second, you fall pregnant again, and your ninth month brings you multiples!
    Emmett Owen- Silver-Blue eyes and Dark Auburn hair
    Ezekiel Tristan- Silver-Blue eyes and Dark Auburn hair

    Eight months after your third pregnancy finished, your test comes up positive - this will be the last lot, you assure your husband, who has by now fully established a career as a Accountant and has bought a six-bedroomed house on the Gold Coast. Your last child, a single, doesn't want to come out into the real world, and arrives a week late.
    Vivian Faith- Light Brown eyes and Dark Blonde hair

    You buy a guinea pig named Bambi, but can't really deal with any more animals just yet, with all your children running about!

    Alexander James & Zachary Vincent "Lex" and "Zach"
    Indigo Alyssa "Indy"
    Emmett Owen & Ezekiel Tristan "Mett" and "Ez"
    Vivian Faith "Vivi"
    and a Guinea Pig named Bambi
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