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    You're currently attending university in Boston, Massachusetts, and to get some money together, you're working part-time as a receptionist in a hospital.
    What's your name? Charlotte Rosalia Sloane

    One day at work, a man with dirty blonde hair and green eyes comes into the hospital, and is asked to wait a while in the reception until he is called for. It turns out that he has to wait a little longer than planned, and the two of you strike up a conversation. He turns out to be curious, light-hearted and sweet.

    You find out that he has just finished his microbiology course, and is job-searching all around the city. As it happens, your friend, whose father has his own company, is searching for just that sort of employee. After a quick phone call, you have put your new friend in touch with her and he has an interview fixed for next week. As a thank you (and more), he insists on taking you out that weekend.

    What's your friend's name? Hadley Louise Burton
    What's the young man's name? Liam Daniel Jackson
    Where does he take you?
    5 - An Indian restaurant.

    You and Liam see each other a lot over the next few years, and 3 years after you've established your career as a peds surgeon, you get married.
    Where do you get married? 2/3/4 = a hotel
    Where is your honeymoon? Aspen, Colorado

    1 year after your wedding, you and and Liam settle down in Winchester MA, your careers as a microbiologist and a peds surgeon well-established. A couple of months after you move in, you receive a happy surprise when your pregnancy test comes up positive! Nine months later, you have your first child.
    What is the name and gender?
    4 - Boy, first name after his grandfather and Italian middle name.
    William Aurelio

    When Will is 3 years old, you and Liam decide to have another child. After 5 months of attempts, you fall pregnant. Born 2 weeks premature, what is the gender and name of your next child(ren)? [roll the dice]
    3 - Girl, first and middle names from
    Keziah Mercy

    At this point, your husband and eldest child are begging for a pet, and you give in. What do you get? [roll the dice]
    5/6 - Your choice of kittens, one male one female, names beginning with T and A.
    2 baby orange tabbies, Theo & Aura

    2 years after you get your pet(s), you give birth for the third time. How many children do you have this time, and what are their genders? [roll the dice]
    2 - Boy/Boy/Girl triplets.

    What are their names? [your choice, but first names must be somehow related, and middles must begin with the same letter]
    Ainslie Hale, Lennox Holt, & Catriona Hope

    After getting one more pet, a black kitten called Lexi, your family is complete!

    William "Will" Aurelio
    Keziah Mercy
    Ainslie Hale
    Lennox Holt
    Catriona "Cate" Hope

    and, of course, the cats Theo, Aura, & Lexi.
    Anastasia Danielle * Kate Madeleine * Cassia Violet * Maison Sofia

    Elias James * Isaac Greyson * Noah Everett * Caelan William

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