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    Re: Families Galore!

    Family One:
    Dad - James Howard Marsden, 34
    Mom - Elizabeth Taylor Marsden, 31
    Daughter #1 - Abigail Brittany Marsden, 10
    Daughter #2 - Lily Michaela Marsden, 8
    Son #1 - Howard Patrick Marsden, 6
    Son #2 - Michael David Marsden, 3

    Family Two:
    Dad - Geoffrey Lucas Eames Sr., 36
    Mom - Kayla Mary-Anne Eames, 38
    Son - Geoffrey Lucas Eames Jr., 6 "Junior"
    Daughter - Delilah Kate Eames, 2

    Family Three:
    Dad - Ronald Bruce Overmeyer, 39
    Mom - Pamela Grace Overmeyer, 38
    Daughter #1 - Penelope Faith Overmeyer, 12 "Penny" (twin)
    Son #1 - Edison Francis Overmeyer, 12 "Ned" (twin)
    Daughter #2 - Elmira Ruth Overmeyer, 8
    Daughter #3 - Winifred Anne Overmeyer, 5
    Son #2 - Henry Ronald Overmeyer, 3

    Family Four:
    Dad - David Michael Bow, 45 "Duke"
    Mom - Linda Michelle Bow, 39
    Son #1 - Benjamin Duke Bow, 17 "Ben"
    Daughter #1 - Maya Claire Bow, 16
    Son #2 - Austin Joseph Bow, 12
    Daughter #2 - Sophie Jane Bow, 10
    Daughter #3 - Grace Elizabeth Bow, 6 "Gracie"
    Daughter #4 - Isabelle Ava Bow, 18mos. "Bella"

    Family Five:
    Dad - Brian John Adams, 29
    Mom - Lucy Marie Adams, 29
    Son #1 - Miles Patrick Adams, 8
    Daughter #1 - Vivian Clare Adams, 6 "Vivi"
    Daughter #2 - Camille Lucy Adams, 5 "Cammie"
    Daughter #3 - Rosalie Quinn Adams, 2 "Rosie"
    Son #2 - Jude Thomas Adams, 6mos.

    Family Six:
    Dad - Charles Emery Brandon, 51
    Mom - Josie Patricia Brandon, 49
    Son - Kyle Matthew Brandon, 18
    Daughter #1 - Emmy Josephine Brandon, 15
    Daughter #2 - Kayla Michelle Brandon, 11 (triplet)
    Daughter #3 - Keira Lorelai Brandon, 11 (triplet)
    Daughter #4 - Kaia Natalie Brandon, 11 (triplet)

    Family Seven:
    Dad - Ernesto Riz Montoya, 36
    Mom - Ines Ligaya Montoya, 35
    Daughter #1 - Perla Maria Montoya, 7
    Son - Crisanto Miguel Montoya, 4
    Daughter #2 - Reina Cristina Montoya, 2
    Daughter #3 - Yvelis Joana Montoya, 2 mos.
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    Re: Families Galore!

    Family One:
    Dean Wallace Jacobson and Tessa Evelyn Jacobson: Ivy Hermione (9), Junia Rosalie (7), Davis Elliot (5), Beau Henry (2)

    Family Two:
    Andrew Calvin Barber and Jude Elizabeth Barber: Anderson Jude (5) and Stella Claire (20 months)

    Family Three:
    Wesley David Jenkins and Sela Briony Jenkins: Pearl Emilia (11), Ruby Sophia (11), Opal Rosalie (8), Gemma Cecily (5), Jasper Howard (2)

    Family Four:
    Garry Norman Garrison and Olivia Mary Garrison: Garry Norman IV (16), Rachel Marie (14), Kyle Christian (12), Julia Megan (8), Bethany Ruth (5), Priscilla Kate (19 months)

    Family Five:
    Bradley Emerson Spencer and Renata Prudence Spencer: Emerson Bradley (10), Ainsley Margaret (7), Bryn Catherine (5), Carrington Eliza (18 months), Griffin Brooks (3 months)

    Family Six:
    Bo Jefferson Hickey and Luelle May Hickey: Jack David (13), Shelby Lynn (11), Riley Jean (7), Billie Rose (7), Charlie Beth (7)

    Family Seven:
    Baron Hilario Claveria and Tala Camille Claveria: April Talitha (8), August Baron (5), June Sofia (2), May Camille (2 months)

    PS: I love these games, too!

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    Re: Families Galore!

    Family One:
    LN: Burke.
    DH: Hawthorn Lincoln.
    DW: Marguerite Cecily.
    DD: Lucia Mauve.
    DD: Winter Sky.
    DS: Link Graham.
    DS: Clay Grayson.

    Family Two:
    LN: Murray.
    DH: Madden John.
    DW: Jenna Monet.
    DS: Cole Sutton.
    DD: Elyssa Mara.

    Family Three:
    LN: Smith.
    DH: Brick Hart.
    DW: Gina Elysia.
    DD: Octavia Christina.
    DD: Frances Doris.
    DD: Mabel Everett.
    DD: Georgia Elizabeth.
    DS: Moses Donovan.

    Family Four:
    LN: Duska.
    DH: William Abraham.
    DW: Georgette Olivia.
    DS: Justus Conrad.
    DD: Surya Edith.
    DS: Cullen Louis.
    DD: Kinsley Dream.
    DD: Alba Connie.
    DD: Rowena Sienna.

    Family Five:
    LN: Drake.
    DH: Eddie Hugh.
    DW: Nadine Tessie.
    DD: Maddy Messiah.
    DS: Sean Beau.
    DD: Anastasia Ian.
    DD: Christine Diane.
    DS: Broderick Kobe.

    Family Six:
    LN: Ross.
    DH: Seamus Xavier.
    DW: Peyton California.
    DS: Killian Zelig.
    DD: Arabella Bess.
    DD: Margaret Cinnamon.
    DD: Madeline Agnes.
    DD: Amity Florence.

    Family Seven:
    LN: Solomon.
    DH: Seeley Selig.
    DW: Vivian Rowan.
    DD: Philadelphia Madeleine.
    DS: Noah Stacy.
    DD: Harriet Faye.
    DD: Kathleen Yvonne.

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    Mom: Brooke Alyson Reynolds.
    Dad: Jose Roberto Reynolds.
    Daughter: Trinity Hope Reynolds.
    Daughter: Faith Alexandria Reynolds.
    Son: Jeremiah Keith Reynolds.
    Son: Julian Keven Reynolds.

    Mom: Lucy Cora Mulligan.
    Dad: Aaron Miles Mulligan.
    Son: Adrian Wyatt Mulligan.
    Daughter: Madelyn Helena Mulligan.

    Mom: Autumn Clair Hargreaves.
    Dad: Hunter Francis Hargreaves.
    Daughter: Melanie Johanna Hargreaves.
    Daughter: Serenity Sunday Hargreaves.
    Daughter: Stella Rae Hargreaves.
    Daughter: Maria Lizzy Hargreaves.
    Son: Cameron Jacques Hargreaves.

    Mom: Molly Luna Hammond.
    Dad: Eli Howard Hammond.
    Son: Chase Richard Hammond.
    Son: Sebastian Bernard Hammond.
    Daughter: Eva Helen Hammond.
    Daughter: Valeria California Hammond.
    Daughter: Gabrielle Santana Hammond.
    Daughter: Naomi Brittany Hammond.

    Mom: Natalia Moira Quinton.
    Dad: Jason Andres Quinton.
    Son: Levi Fabian Quinton.
    Son: Dominic Redmond Quinton.
    Daughter: Persephone Erin Quinton.
    Daughter: Hazel Katelyn Quinton.
    Daughter: Betty Cathryn Quinton.

    Mom: Sadie Lynn Bodily.
    Dad: Juan Esteban Bodily.
    Daughter: Freesia Chichi Bodily.
    Daughter: Millie Antonia Bodily.
    Daughter: Coco Holly Bodily.
    Daughter: Juno Jennifer Bodily.
    Son: Cooper Drew Bodily.

    Mom: Minnie Kathleen Hansen.
    Dad: Josiah Rusty Hansen.
    Daughter: Daisy Cecilia Hansen.
    Daughter: Kitty Rochelle Hansen.
    Daughter: Mitzi Rachael Hansen.
    Son: Luis Julio Hansen.

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