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    Sylvie Genevieve, Esmee Genevieve, and Esmee Fleur are my favorites! I love all three, and Sylvie and Esmee are just so sweet. I love them with Coen and Vaughn!

    My first idea for a French name is Arianne--I just heard someone mention it a little while ago, and as popular as Ariana and Arianna are, Arianne just seems to stay in the shadows. It's my second favorite girls' name, so I obviously love it, but I think it goes great with Coen and Vaughn, too. Other ideas I had include Evangeline, Arielle, and Emilie. It's not really French at all, but the idea of Magdalena/Magda/Magdalen keep coming back to me, too...

    Good luck!
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    I love Iris Genevieve and Sylvie Ynes!!


    Nina Solange
    Eloise Fleur

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    Adding a couple ideas: Sylvie Cosette and Ines Aurelie. Drooooool.
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    Sylvie Genevieve and Ines Solange are drawing my attention. I'm not a personal fan of Ines but with Solange, which has such a great sound, it works well. My favorite French name, though, is Delphine!

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    Brothers Coen and Vaughn and you want a French style girl's name.

    I think that the boys names are edgy and handsome so I can't find a good fit with Esme, Iris, Nola, Flora or Inez which imo don't fit the mould.

    I would definitely put Genevieve in the middle spot, she is gorgeous and oh so pretty but my feeling is that a short name would be a better fit in first spot.

    I do however feel that Fleur is a very good fit. Fleur, Vaughn and Coen are all short names and I woud say this is a lovely sibset with the French connection.

    Sylvie is another good fit and Sylvie, Vaughn and Coen are a good sibset and while there is the French connection there is also a strong English one too that makes it a good fit with the boy's names.

    Sabine is also a pretty option and will be pronounced in English speaking countries as Sah been whereas in France it would be Sah been ah. Combo of Sabine Yvette or Sabine Yolanda.

    I would prefer either Sylvie or Fleur overall.


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