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    Giant Family! Have fun!

    1. You are 26 and you meet a guy at your best friends wedding. He was the best man. You get married in the very same place two years later. You have a very beautiful wedding. The night of your wedding you get pregnant and nine months later conceive triplet girls. You want their names to be flowers, middle names to be "filler names."
    My answer: Rosalie Grace, Lillian Hope and Daffodil Claire. (Rosie, Lil' Lily and Daffi)

    2. Almost three years later, your oldest triplet is begging for a little sibling. Your second oldest would rather die than have one. Your youngest triplet couldn't care less. You and your husband want a little boy. You decide to adopt, but take your second oldest with you, and leave the others at home. You go to France and your little girl, develops a little crush on a French boy. You adopt him and fly back home. Your other two are happy with him. You want his name to start with an S, and his middle name to start with a J.
    My answer: Samuel James (Sam)

    3.It is two years later, your kids are five and your miss having a baby around the house. You take your husband on a cruise and end up pregnant with twins. One boy and one girl. On delivery day, you conceive quads, three girls and one boy. You want baby a to have an a name, b to have b name and so on. Baby D is the boy. The middle names must rhyme.
    My answer: Alexis Mae, Baily Kay, Cara Jae and Daniel Ray. (Lexi, Bail, Cara)

    4. You now have seven children ages 7,7,7,7,2,2 and 2. Your husband and sons want more boys, to even out the scale. You love having multiples, so you and your husband decide to try fertility treatments. Eight months later you deliver quintuplets, 2 boys and 3 girls. You want the names to be US cities and middle names to start with A.
    My answer: Austin Aaron, Jackson Andrew, Madison Amelia, Denver Ashlyn, Cheyenne Annelise (US Capital Cities, Texas, Tennesee, Wisconsin, Colorado, Wyoming) (Austin, Jackson, Maddi, Denny, Cheya)

    5. You now have 12 (12!) children and they are 18, 18, 18, 18, 13, 13, 13, 11, 11, 11, 11 and 11. Two of your triplets and your adopted boy moved out. Since you only have nine mouths to feed, you settle down. Where?
    My answer: Vancouver

    6. Five years later, your children are 23, 23, 23, 23, 18, 18, 18, 16, 16, 16, 16 and 16. You now have six children living with you, you remove. Somewhere non English speaking.
    My answer: France

    7. 3 years later, your youngest ones are 19, and four of your girls are pregnant. Each with twins! You and your husband are shocked. What are the odds! Your pregnant daughters, 19, 19, 19 and 23, don't want to keep the babies, and you agree to raise them. There are five girls and three boys. What are their names?
    My answer: Rosanna Grace and Danielle Marie, Alexis Nichole and Clara Jade, Miley Jasmine and Alexander James, Aiden Kevin and Aaron Kyle (Rosie, Dannie, Lexi, Clare, Mile, Alex, Aiden and Aaron)

    8. You move to a house with six bedrooms, what are the sleeping arangments?
    My answer
    1. Mom and Dad.
    2. Rosanna and Dannie
    3. Alexis and Clara
    4. Miley
    5. Alex
    6. Aiden and Aaron

    Please don't make fun of it, and please don't say yeah right, it's just a game for fun! Have Fun!

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    Re: Giant Family! Have fun!

    My personal name list on behindthename:
    My List of Name Combos:
    Please vote.

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    Re: Giant Family! Have fun!

    1. My Answer: Aven Marie, Jasmine Grace, and Kalina Anne

    2. My Answer: Shane Jacques

    3.My answer: Avery Leigh, Caylin "Callie"Jolie , Brianna "Bri" Haley, Dylan Charlie

    4. My answer: Carson Asher, Charlotte Adelyn, Brooklyn Alexis, Jackson Andrew

    5.My answer: California

    6. My answer: Switzerland

    7. My answer:
    Skylar Rose and Benjamin "Benji/Ben" Ross
    Jayla Corday and Kiera Madelyn
    Colby "Cole" Jacob and Tyler Lucas
    Rylee Nicole and Chase Rowland

    8. My answer
    1. Mom and Dad.
    2. Skylar
    3. Jayla and Kiera
    4. Cole and Tyler
    5. Benji
    6. Rylee and Chase

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    Re: Giant Family! Have fun!

    1.) Rose Elizabeth, Lillian Grace, & Violet Joy
    2.) Sawyer Jacob
    3.) Auden Jane, Beatrice Layne, Celia Dane, Daniel Cane
    4.) Charlotte Alexandra, Denver Anthony, Madison Annabel, Trenton Andrew, Cheyenne Abigail
    (North Carolina, Colorado & the Nuggets Player Carmelo Anthony, Wisconsin, New Jersey, & Wyoming)
    5.) Same place as I lived before, because I'd want my children to come back to the house they grew up in. (Cheesy? Yes)
    6.) Aw this ruins my #5 answer. Um Italy
    7.) Olivia Claire & Jessica Nicole
    Hannah Joy & Leah Hope
    Cecelia Harper & Holden Carter
    Anthony Carson & Alexander James

    all together:
    Rosie, Lilly, Violet, Sawyer, Auden, Bea, Celia, Danny, Charlotte, Denver, Maddie, Trent, Cheyenne, Liv, Jess, Hannah, Leah, Cici, Holden, Anthony, & Alex

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