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    I believe Garner is Cash Warrens middle name as Marie (Jessica's middle name) is Honor's middle name.

    I like the name Haven but not the sibset. Honor and Haven seem both matchy matchy in initial and length, and yet mismatched in style. Honor seems classic and feminine, Haven seems modern and unisex and maybe a little trendy to me. And Haven Garner feels far more masculine than Honor Marie.

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    I was surprised and delighted. I think Haven is an excellent alternative to Ava but still captures its appealing qualities. Honor and Haven work for me.

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    I find Haven very trendy. Honor was the bolder choice. I also don't like children to have the same initial. Maybe if she had a boy he would have been Hayes or Heath! Alas, Henry, another five-letter "H" name, may have been too traditional for her.

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