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    Jessica Alba's baby

    "Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren have added another little girl their brood: baby Haven Garner Warren." - (,00.html)

    What are everyone's thoughts?

    Personally, I think it's a very nice choice. It's a nice match with Honor, similarly offbeat and unique but nonetheless familiar and feminine.

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    Personally, I think it's far too close to Honor. Both are two-syllable, h- word names not commonly used until recently (okay, Honor was used by the Puritains, but pretty much slipped out of use afterwards) and when I say "Honor and Haven" it sounds like some sort of goal rather than names. I probably would've paired it with something like Damaris, Mirabelle, or Vera- all have a sort of antique quality, but also seem quite modern. But it certainly could've been much worse and to each his own, so if they're happy, great!

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    I think Haven is a fantastic name! I also love how Honor and Haven are both 5 letter names that start with H, and are nouns and YET are COMPLETELY different sounding. Great sibset.

    I am not a fan of Honor, but I just may need to add Haven to my own list!

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    I love it! One of my fave authors is Haven Kimmel (if you haven't read her A Girl Named Zippy, you should!) so that's a great association. Plus I think Haven is pretty and unique without being weird. Jessica and Cash seem to be great at finding that balance - when everyone else in Hollywood is generally NOT. Wondering about Garner, anyone hear where that came from?

    I'm not a fan of Honor either but I think Haven is great and I do think they work well a sibset since they don't have similar sounds at all.

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    No way! I know twins (in their 20s now), a girl and a boy, named Honor and Haven!! Such a weird coincidence... it's a cute set, but not really my style.
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