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    I think it's a great choice. I've met Eleanors, Ellas, and Elsies, but not an Eloise yet.

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    I'm not meeting girls called Eloise yet, but we will be. In the US, Eloise ranked #913 in 2009, and jumped to #530 in 2010 - that's HUGE. And as a pp noted, she's on lots of parents' lists of possibles, so she'll keep popping up.

    I love Lola from Eloise - the "lo" sound is definitely there, so I think it works. I know a little Lorraine - named after a grandmother - who answers to Lola.
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    Thanks so much for all your thoughts and comments. I am falling more and more in love with this name. Now to find a boy name we love!

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    It's interesting that Lola can be used as a nn for Eloise, as two of Denise Richards' daughters are Lola and Eloise. Love Lola, makes me think of an adorable little girl but it also ages well. I actually know 4 girls named Eloise- 3 are around my age and 1 is a toddler!
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    Love Eloise! Sure, it's going to get more popular, but I don't think it will ever hit top 10 or top 20 status. Plus, I don't think this name will ever sound dated or trendy. It's a classic, beautiful name. As for nn's, I don't think Lo or Lola is a big stretch at all. You will get Ellie sometimes though, so as long as you don't hate that nn, I think this is the perfect name for you. Ellie, I think, is cute, it's just popular, so I wouldn't use it either. Elle is cute though, so is Lulu, and of course Lo and Lola. Personally though, I would just use her full name with the occasional shortening to Elle. (Like when you've been calling her over and over and she won't listen, then you go to Elle! Elle!) hehe. But if you use the full name most of the time, so will everyone else. It's not a very long name and it's easy to say, so I don't see an issue at all. <3 it!
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