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    I think Eloise is absolutely adorable, I love it. And the nickname Lola? Not a stretch at all, I think it's pricelessly cute. But if you truly hate the nn Ellie, I'd be cautious with Eloise, as it's likely to be shortened to Ellie occasionally. But I think Eloise is really sweet!

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    I'm seeing it on more and more lists of parents-to-be. It's not super popular now, but I think it has the momentum to still jump several hundred spots in the oncoming years. I also think names that are used in popular/known children's books are familiar enough that more and more parents are using them.
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    Not having heard it is a good thing. I've heard it on the TV show Lost, but that's it. It's recognizable enough that a reasonable person could spell it, but not saturated. A great name. I say go for it.
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    I love Eloise! I work with lots of children and I have yet to meet one! It's such a beautiful name I almost hate to see it have any kind of nickname, but that's just my personal preference :] . If you want one I don't think Lola is too much of a stretch, and it is very cute!
    Especially if you don't like Ellie, if you establish Lola as the go-to nickname right away it may cut down on Ellie in the future!

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    No, Daisy is derived from my middle name and I thought it made a good pseudonym!

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