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    Amelia or Emilia?

    I love the name Emilia, however am worried that it will constantly be misspelled as the more common Amelia.
    Main reasons for loving Emilia: my DH is Italian, and I quite like the nn Emme. I also love the names Emma and
    Emily despite their popularity, therefore Emilia seems like a nice alternative-what do you think? Honest opinions please!

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    Which way are you pronoucing it? Italian Emilia or Italian Amelia or American Amelia?

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    Both are really nice. I personally like Amelia better, but it sounds like you have a great case for Emilia. I do think it will be misspelled more often, but I think that bothers some people more than others. My name is constantly misspelled by people who don't know, and it doesn't really bother me much any more.

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    I would go with Emilia, as it seems you really like it more. Emilia has a different feel to me than Amelia, too. I have to spell my name, Kristin, all of the time, and it doesn't bother me. I named my daughter Annabel even though Annabelle is the more popular spelling. The two have entirely different feels to me. The people who matter know how to spell her name. Also, I've noticed that people with rather common names still have to spell them. (I am forever having to spell my son's name for people. They always want to start it with a K.)
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    I would pronounce it "Eh-meel-ia"

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