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    #1 It depends, these things vary from person to person and I am not a fan of assigning a child a personality before I get to meet them.
    #2 I would think they are creative and imaginative people looking for a unique yet foreign name
    #3 I'd probably think a Casper was upper class
    #4 Lucas, Siobhan, Vaughn... because I like Casper and these are the names I also like. They are all unique yet classy
    #5 I'd go in a different direction as I have different tastes in names that I'd want to express. Sibsets aren't as important as each one having an individualized personality. Maybe Sulola
    #6 No I do not think Casper is trendy, Caspian is very trendy... Casper is classy
    #7 I do think friendly ghost but I like the association. However unless another animated movie/tv series is released, I think the ghostly association will not be there

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    My softball friends used to call me Casper at the beginning of the season because my skin was so pale.
    Wow... O_o I'm sorry. How racist of them! I find this about as acceptable as calling someone 'Sooty' because their skin is so dark "-_-


    I actually know a baby Casper, so all my answers are based on him.

    1. Names are names. They don't have personalities to me.

    2. They're a little bit kooky but totally lovely

    3. Middle class.

    4. Baltazar, Casimir, Melchior...

    5. Ooh um... Rainier and Mathile.

    6. Not in the slightest.

    7. The Casper I knew is ridiculously adorable so all I think of when I hear the name is him. His mum and dad call him Caspie.
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